7 Lovely Hairstyles Ideal for round Shaped Faces ...

Ideal Hairstyles for Round Shaped Face would be the ones that define it, making it leaner and creating soft angles as opposed to the ones that accent every curve making the face appear even rounder. Now, since I have a round face as well and I’ve literally had every good and bad hairstyle on my head already, I simply must share a few of my fav hairstyles for round shaped face! Do you agree? Well, check out these must-try hairstyles for round shaped face then:

1. Longer Layers and Natural Waves

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One of the best, most natural and oh so amazingly low maintenance hairstyles for round shaped face can be achieved if you tell your hairdresser not to cut your layers too short. Most of the girls make a mistake by wanting their layers almost bang-like short at the top, hoping that’s going to provide a balance and prevent the hair from poufing and creating that much-hated β€œhaystack” appearance. Well, that’s the wrong way to solve your problem and if you check out my photo, you’ll see that I’ve been there myself. What you need are layers that start somewhere around your ears and since subtle, surfer-chick waves do a great job at β€œmasking” the round face, it would be ideal to crunch your hair as it dries to create them.

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