7 Lovely Hairstyles Ideal for round Shaped Faces ...


7 Lovely Hairstyles Ideal for round Shaped Faces ...
7 Lovely Hairstyles Ideal for round Shaped Faces ...

Ideal Hairstyles for Round Shaped Face would be the ones that define it, making it leaner and creating soft angles as opposed to the ones that accent every curve making the face appear even rounder. Now, since I have a round face as well and I’ve literally had every good and bad hairstyle on my head already, I simply must share a few of my fav hairstyles for round shaped face! Do you agree? Well, check out these must-try hairstyles for round shaped face then:

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Longer Layers and Natural Waves

One of the best, most natural and oh so amazingly low maintenance hairstyles for round shaped face can be achieved if you tell your hairdresser not to cut your layers too short. Most of the girls make a mistake by wanting their layers almost bang-like short at the top, hoping that’s going to provide a balance and prevent the hair from poufing and creating that much-hated “haystack” appearance. Well, that’s the wrong way to solve your problem and if you check out my photo, you’ll see that I’ve been there myself. What you need are layers that start somewhere around your ears and since subtle, surfer-chick waves do a great job at “masking” the round face, it would be ideal to crunch your hair as it dries to create them.


Sleek and Straight

Shiny and straight hair is not only extremely elegant but very round-face friendly as well so feel free to straighten your hair every time you need to look absolutely breathtaking. Straight hair provides the so-called “curtain-effect”, hiding all those unwanted curves and helping your face appear longer instead of wider! Pretty interesting, isn’t it?


Long or Mid-Length Hair

Some of the best hairstyles for round shaped face can be achieved with long, or at least mid-length hair only and that’s because these lengths are absolutely ideal for this face shape. Yes, you can probably experiment with a pixie cut too, but, since that could turn out badly, these afore mentioned are a much safer bet. Now, you don’t have to turn into a modern Rapunzel in order to look great – you can show up on all of your hair appointments and still have a fabulous round-face friendly haircut. Length is the key here and, although the rule “the longer-the better” applies, you can pretty much experiment with any hairstyle as long as it falls at least 2-3 inches below your jaw line.


Sexy Half-Curls

Curls can look fabulous on your round face as long as you keep in mind a few simple rules. Opt for soft waves instead of those wild curls if your hair is not long enough, or, in case you have the needed length, curl your hair into spirals that will be falling nicely instead of flying all over the place. Wild, jungle curls are also doable but, if you’re going to be choosing those, you must do something to tame, soften and arrange the ones that will be framing your face.


Messy Long Bob

Believe it or now, even we, girls with round faces, are allowed to wear bob cuts! However, unlike other types of face shapes, our shape doesn’t tolerate bobs that are too short or too picture perfect. There goes the sexy secretary look… Oh well, a messy wavy longer bob is a waaay better solution anyways and the same can be said for those edgy layered styles. Hurray bob!


Long Bangs

When you have a round face, you simply must say good-bye to some cuts and embrace a few others, quite interesting and stylish ones! Hairstyles for round shaped face do include bags… lots and lots of very interesting styles! Your bangs can have layers, they can be edgy and kind of punk, you can sweep them to the side or rock those super stylish blunt bangs – pretty much anything is allowed as long as it doesn’t involve extremes such as bangs that are too short (rockabilly bangs) or bangs that are too thin.


Ballerina Bun or High “Palm Tree” Ponytail

I have a typical round face and I’ve noticed that all of those great ponytail or bun hairstyles that looks so good on my sister, aren’t really doing it for me. I’ve tried a classic ponytail, tried a classic bun and, quite honestly, no amount of magic cat-eye makeup can cover up the fact that my head looks like a giant lollypop! Luckily, I’ve managed to find two really awesome hairstyles for round shape face and they all start basically the same. You’ll need to pick up your hair as higher as you can (top of your head would be ideal- think: Madonna). If you want a “palm-tree” ponytail that’s basically it but if you want something more glam, simply pickup the hair into a bun, fix with some hairspray and that’s it. You can wear a lot of cool, artsy buns this way because these hairstyles actually make the face appear longer and leaner.

You see! There are plenty of nice, elegant and sexy hairstyles for a round shaped face like yours or mine! So, would you be interested in sharing a few of your favorite hairstyles for round shaped face?

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Styles are nice but....it would be good if the models actually had ROUND faces.

u should have added pics..it would be way more easy to picturize ourselves..

I love No. 5s "HURRAY BOB!" lol xD.

I agree, long layered hair looks amazing on round face. I have my hair styled like that so I can my cheeks can look slim and elongate my face.

This is great! Thank you!

Love it! Thanks!

hey sheila that was really thoughtful of you now i can figure out what hair style im gonna get thanks ;|)

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