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Natural or salon-made Afro Curls need a lot of pampering to look great – all that moisturizing, detangling and let’s not forget about the hairstyle either! Tricky, huh? Well, I’ve managed to find a few awesome up-do ideas that work best on Afro curls and I’m going to show them to you today in hopes that they won’t only help you to look stunning but inspire you to create your own super-stylish up-dos as well! And, with that said, here’s a few totally fab videos on how to rock your gorgeous Afro curls:

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Classic Afro Pouf

Whoa! Now I definitely LOVE this simple, yet so amazing, style! Did you just see that? I mean it totally looks like a bun and I bet that you can add a lot of cool stuff such as ribbons, scarves, bejeweled hairpins or even bring the band a little bit more up or to the front or back to create a similar, yet a bit different hairstyle for every day of the week!


Party Twist out Curls

Okay, I know this is now exactly the easiest way to style your Afro curls but I simply had to include it in my list and, if you’ve checked it out, I’m sure you understand why! It’s a perfect party hairstyle and, since the holiday season is upon us, I bet you’ll want to try it out soon. I’m definitely going to at least try to do something like this- I’m not sure it’s going to work but hey… a girl can hope! Make sure you sit out through the whole video because you’ll get to see a lot of ideas on how to dress this look up.


Formal Bun

A bun is always a good way to keep it classy and, when you have thick hair that tends to hold its shape, bun is certainly the easiest style to pull off as well! Could I ever hope to get my hair to look like this? Probably not but I’m sure plenty of you ladies will find this style perfectly easy to do not to mention ideal for the upcoming festivities! So go ahead, give it a shot and don’t forget to let me know how it turned out!


Awesome Party Hairstyle


Oh, my gosh! Now this is a hairstyle you most definitely have to check out! I mean it’s perfect, super fabulous, won’t take more than five minutes of your time and, most importantly, doesn’t require any prep work. It’s an awesome way to style your Afro curls if you don’t have time for twist out curls, knots or braids and the result is just amazing!


Sassy Updo

Now here’s one super versatile look you can literally wear all year round and dress up in a million ways plus it’s really great for those times when you’re hair is squeaky clean and almost impossible to tame. And, quite honestly, it’s styles like these that make me wish I could have Afro curls! I mean, just look at that - I’d have to tease and tease until my hand goes numb just to get this much body! And, oh, you know what would go great with this hairstyle? Rockabilly head band!


Turban up-do for Afro Curls

If you’ve gotten around to check out my post on scarf up-dos, then you certainly know there’s a lot to love for this traditional head-wear and here’s one video to prove my point. Now, I know the title says “turban” but, if you ask me, this is more of a rockabilly do, so I’d suggest leaving your bangs out as shown if you’re into retro styles or tucking them in, in case you really want the turban effect. Totally exotic and oh-so-versatile!


Elegant up-do for Afro Curls

Wooow! Now I know this hairstyle requires a lot of practice but it’s so great, sooo worth it and I, of course, had to show it to you ladies. It’s very chic and feminine, these overlapping sections look super interesting and yet, we’re still talking about a classic style you can wear just anywhere. Now isn’t that awesome?

How are you planning to style your Afro curls for Christmas? What about the New Year’s Eve? Go ahead, give these up-dos a shot and don’t forget to enjoy your gorgeous Afro curls every single day of 2012!

Top Image Source: weheartit.com

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i love all of these hairstyles!!! im on the fence of going natural, but now im getting kind of excited to try all of these if/when I do!! thanks hun!

mee too my afro is huge

I love it!!!!

1012? Uhm...I think you mean, 2012? I'm pretty sure it's the 21st century, if I don't know the year. o_O But I really like the whole afro curl look. And I'm glad that AWS is taking action to give a little more attention to their black readers. Even though, I'm not one of them, I'm glad this site is reaching some variety. :)

i was unbraid my natural hair and thinking "i wanna try something new" when i saw this. O.o freaky

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