7 Stylish up-dos for Angular Faces ...


7 Stylish up-dos for Angular Faces ...
7 Stylish up-dos for Angular Faces ...

Ideal Up-dos For Angular Face are the ones that bring the attention to all the beautiful features, hiding small disproportions and tiny flaws. Now, I know that sounds like you should start regretting the fact that you’ve been stuck with this or that face shape but that’s not really the case and when you check out all of the beautiful up-dos for angular face I’m about to share here, you’ll actually feel very proud. Did you know that some of the most beautiful women in the world have this face shape? Well, let’s check out a few up-dos for angular face that worked for them and will certainly work for you too!

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Extra Long Hair

Extra Long Hair Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox both have a square face and extremely long, perfectly styled hair so before you say “No way” take a look at how great this mermaid-like hair looks on these two beauties. Girls with square face shape should actually feel really honored because this is one of a very few face shapes that tolerates and actually loves Rapunzel-like hair.


Center Parting and Sleek Lines

Center Parting and Sleek Lines Both heart shaped and square faces look great with hairstyles that allow the hair to be parted in the center thus creating a lovely, long and lean looking shape. Sleek straight lines will give your look a nice dose of glam and accent your best features such as your gorgeous cheekbones or nice chin. Pretty neat, huh? Ideal “glammy” up-dos for angular face would be the ones that are either totally straight or very lightly tousled and, if you prefer layers to evenly cut hair, you should not go too short as this would make your face appear wide and mushroom like.


Soft Locks

Soft Locks If you have a triangular rather than square or heart shaped face, you should definitely consider long, sexy, layered waves. This incredibly feminine hairstyle will soften-up your prominent jaw-line making your face just a bit rounder and softer. Good for you, girl! Your face is the IDEAL one for this stylish, yet oh-so-sexy do!


Posh Tapered Bob

Posh Tapered Bob Next on the list of awesome up-dos for angular face is this unbelievably posh, totally glam bob you should most certainly consider if you have a square face. The side hugging your jaw and full, gorgeous side swept bags will really make your eyes pop accenting all those other beautiful facial features you have such as cheekbones to die for and a chin most ladies would pay money to have.


Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut A playful, super stylish pixie cut is one of the up-dos for angular faces I simply can’t allow myself to forget and although it always looks great on oval shaped face as well, I kind of prefer to see it on a more angular such as heart shaped or diamond shaped face.

Famous Quotes

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No Bangs – No Problem

No Bangs – No Problem When you have a square face and a super-long, layered hair, you really don’t need any bangs to look fabulous. Check out Demi Moore and you’ll definitely know what I’m talking about. This girl has been rocking her central parting and super-sleek dos for years and, although it might have bored her mirror a little bit, I bet she has never received a note-worthy critique on her hairstyle.


Wild, Wild Locks

Wild, Wild Locks And finally, we’ve come to the last suggestion on my list so if you haven’t managed to find see yourself in anyone of these up-dos for angular face, try to get in touch with your sexy, animalistic side by letting your wild locks flow down your back untamed. Big, sexy J.Lo curls will soften up your square face, curtaining its sides, making it appear leaner and… who knows… they might even score you a hottie that looks even better than William Levy! Now, that would really be something!

Aren’t these up-dos for angular face just gorgeous? Did you know women with angular faces actually age more gracefully and are extremely photogenic? And do you know what that means? Yup, get one of these lovely up-dos for angular face done ASAP and start posing whenever and wherever!

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