21 Sweet Hairstyles for Your Heart-Shaped Face ...


21 Sweet Hairstyles for Your Heart-Shaped Face ...
21 Sweet Hairstyles for Your Heart-Shaped Face ...

If you've been looking for a new 'do to flatter your pretty heart-shaped face, keep reading! Here are a few of our fave styles, all ideal for girls with gorgeous cheekbones and sweet pointed chins. Celeb alert — loads of these examples feature our fave celebs with heart-shaped faces!

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Stacked Bob

Stacked Bob Via Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair ...
There aren't many women who can't rock a stacked bob, and this one, with a lift in the back and a side part, is perfect for a girl with a heart-shaped face!


Selena's Shoulder-Length Waves

Selena's Shoulder-Length Waves Via How to Get Thick Hair ...
Some girls prefer to hide their widow's peak, but not Selena! She shows it off with a middle part and beach-y waves. Love the ombre too!


Breezy Layers

Breezy Layers Via 28 Cute Short Hairstyles Ideas ...
Again, a side part can be your best friend if you have a heart-shaped face. I love the texture!


Gwen's Bob

Gwen's Bob Via The Best Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped ...
Gwen's sophisticated bob is so chic!


Taylor's Feathered Bangs

Taylor's Feathered Bangs Via The Best Bob for Your ...
Feathering isn't just for 70s Angels - Taylor can rock the feathered fringe, and so can you!


Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut Via 14 Best Pixie Cuts and ...
Oh, how sweet is this pixie cut? It's a little too severe for a girl with a square face, but on a girl with a heart-shaped face, it's darling!


This pixie cut is a great choice for those with a heart-shaped face. It is a short, layered cut that frames the face nicely and adds volume to the top of the head. The cut is easy to style and maintain, making it a great option for those who want a low-maintenance look. The pixie cut is also very versatile and can be accessorized with headbands, clips, and other hair accessories for a more glamorous look. It's a great way to show off your unique style and make a statement.


Long Layers

Long Layers Via Hairstyles for heart shaped faces: ...
Long layers also look gorgeous on a girl with a heart-shaped face, with a side part like this, or just parted down the middle.


Long layers are a versatile and flattering hairstyle for those with a heart-shaped face. They add texture and movement to the hair, creating a soft and feminine look. This style can be achieved by cutting the hair in layers that start at the chin and gradually get longer towards the ends. Long layers also help to balance out the wider forehead and narrower chin of a heart-shaped face. This style can be worn with a side part or a middle part, depending on personal preference. Adding subtle highlights or lowlights can also enhance the dimension and depth of the layers.


Taylor's Bangs

Taylor's Bangs Via How to Flatter Your Face ...
Here she is again! This time Taylor illustrates how girls with heart-shaped faces can wear chunky bangs, too!


Brittany's Sleek Bob

Brittany's Sleek Bob Via The Best New Haircuts For ...
The side part, the sleek lines - she's red-carpet ready!


This chic bob is the epitome of sophistication and a perfect match for heart-shaped faces where the focus is often on the eyes and cheekbones. The straight, sharp cut accentuates your jawline and the side-swept bangs work miracles at softening the forehead. It's a versatile look that screams elegance for both daytime engagements and evening galas. And the best part? It's remarkably easy to maintain – a little smoothing serum and you're out the door with a flawless, glossy finish. This hairstyle is sure to turn heads, blending classic style with modern flair.


Shabby Bob

Shabby Bob Via 21 Easy Hairdos for Short ...
All those layers add up to one cute, rocker-chick style!


Reese's Carefree Waves

Reese's Carefree Waves Via Movies Order Online USA
By now the formula is clear: long layers and a side part equals loads of style.


Hilary's Hairdo

Hilary's Hairdo Via Haircuts for Fine HairVisual Makeover
Here's another example of long, face-framing layers.


Mary-Kate (or Ashley's?) Messy 'do

Mary-Kate (or Ashley's?) Messy 'do Via Heart-shaped faces
More long layers, with a middle part, just to change things up bit.


Scarlett's Wavy Bob

Scarlett's Wavy Bob Via Top 50 Hairstyles for Heart ...
She looks like she's spent a day at the beach, then slipped on a cocktail dress, and she's ready!


Keira's Bob

Keira's Bob Via Chanel Fashion Show
This sweet, short bob accentuates Keira's stellar cheekbones and perfect pointed chin beautifully.


Katharine's Dip-Dyed Bob

Katharine's Dip-Dyed Bob Via Top 50 Hairstyles for Heart ...
This is such a flattering style, with or without the dip-dye!


Chelsea's Wispy Bob

Chelsea's Wispy Bob Via Women’s Short Haircuts 2014 For ...
This modified, wispy bob is feminine and pretty!


Stacked Bob

Stacked Bob Via short-haircut.org
Pixie cut meets bob, with brilliant results!


Loads of Layers

Loads of Layers Via 15 Classy & Easy Medium ...
Again, if you want a longer 'do to flatter your heart-shaped face, think long layers!


Jennifer's Lush Locks

Jennifer's Lush Locks Via Hairstyles for heart shaped faces: ...
Think "volume" and "vavoom"! Jen shows us exactly how, and wow!


Michelle's Pixie

Michelle's Pixie Via 16 Cute Hairstyles for Short ...
Has anyone ever worn a pixie with as much perfection as Michelle? Well, you might! Give it a go!

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I was thinking that Keira knightly has a square face and Michelle willams has a round face

Very fabulous, gorgeous, dazzling, nice, cute, fantastic, stunning and beautiful hairstyles for heart shaped faces

The graduated Bob compliments ALL different face shapes

Ok so I actually have a heart shaped head and I thought some of these would look really good on me but most of them are short hair and mines really think and hard to take care of and a curling iron doesn’t work on it and you need to use one on most of these and I’m don’t want to short of hair but hair that is about to the base of my neck

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