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19 Puffy Ponytails to Pep up Your Style ...

By Neecey

I love to wear my hair in a ponytail but unfortunately, although my hair looks quite thick, as soon as I show it a band/tie, it reveals just how fine it really is, I end up with something quite limp and pathetic really. The answer - puffy ponytails. Ok, so they take a little more work than a regular pony, but it's a great way of changing up your style, whatever your hair thickness.

1 Double Ponytail

Double PonytailVia Double Ponytail | Promise Tangeman
Doubling up seriously increases the volume of your ponytail.

2 Sleek

SleekVia Makeover Timeline: The Evolution of ...
If your hair is thick and lustrous, by simply altering the height of your ponytail, you can add volume.

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3 CopyKat

CopyKatVia Ponytail Hairstyles 2012-2013 For Modern ...
A teased clean pony: A bouffant front section with a clean tidy pony is good for all occasions

4 Triple Poof Ponytail

Triple Poof PonytailVia Triple Poof Ponytail - Ma ...
As gorgeous as a Greek Goddess.

5 Julianne Shows How It's Done

Julianne Shows How It's DoneVia 11 Puff Pony Hairstyles For ...
A bouffant crown with short front bangs.

6 Cute and Simple

Cute and SimpleVia Hair fashion
If you have hair this length, you don't have to work too hard to get a great ponytail.

7 Messy Bumped Ponytail

Messy Bumped PonytailVia The Ponytail
Click on the link to get a great video tutorial.

8 Back to the 1950s

Back to the 1950sVia 1950’s INSPIRED PONYTAIL
It’s got a part, a little volume + some soft bouncy curls.

9 The Tease

The TeaseVia Pouff!
Sadly there's no tutorial for this but if you know how to tease, you shouldn't have a problem recreating it.

10 Teased Crown, Clean Sides

Teased Crown, Clean SidesVia 11 Puff Pony Hairstyles For ...
Tease the crown, keep the sides neat and sleek.

11 Low Voluminous Ponytail

12 Ponytail Twist

Ponytail TwistVia Hair Tutorial | Pretty Ponytail ...
Great for the daytime, easy to pimp up for a date.

13 Simple Puffy Ponytail

Video tutorial on the link.

14 Voluminous Ponytail

Voluminous PonytailVia Birchbox: The smartest way to ...
Another video tutorial if you click on the source.

15 Celebrity Ponytails

Celebrity PonytailsVia Girl Obsessed
Be inspired by the puffy ponytails of your favorite celebs.

16 Messy Puffed up Low Ponytail

Messy Puffed up Low PonytailVia Hair Tutorials & Ideas
If you have long hair, create a style statement with this messy look.

17 Faux Mohawk Puffy Ponytail

18 Party Pony

Party PonyVia Bloomingdale's - NARS Duo Eyeshadow: ...
Stylish and sexy.

19 Inspiration from J-Lo

Inspiration from J-LoVia Jennifer Lopez hairstyle tutorial: the ...
High volume, high sex appeal.

So it seems that I'll either be teasing or curling my way to a puffy ponytail. What's your favorite look?

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