9 Beautiful Wedding Styles for Short Natural Hair You Will Love ...


Your wedding day is a super special affair. No matter how big or how small the ceremony, there are many details to coordinate so that you show up and show out feeling like a million bucks...hair included! If you are a short hair naturalista in need of a little hairstyle inspiration for your big day check out these beautiful suggestions for short natural hair that will make you glow. From shorn to chin length, your short natural hair will shine in any of these nine styles.

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Mini Twist out

Mini Twist out Twist outs are an easy option any day of the week. Simple and elegant, twist outs are also a fun wedding hairstyle option. Start this special look at least 24-hours ahead of your big day to allow the twists to dry and set firmly in place. Slip on a satin scarf before bed to protect against frizz. In the morning apply a little shine serum all over, untwist then tuck a few strands into place away from your face.


Finger Coils

Finger Coils Prepping your hair for your wedding day should be as free of complication as possible. Finger coils are an unexpected style option that is easy to execute and long lasting. Apply moisturizing gel to damp hair then coil hair in small sections. Dry with a diffuser and smooth on a little shine serum to make those coils pop.


Pompadour Classic

Pompadour Classic If there is one thing we love for wedding is style, it is classic hair. The pompadour is another simple elegant style that works for every occasion, especially weddings. This non-traditional wedding style will make you feel like the queen you are, curlfriend!


Full Fro

Full Fro Feeling a little nipped in on your big day? Why not free your mane! Yes, let it breathe, honey. Donning an afro is a perfect way to show off your natural hair. Clean and moisturize hair well, dry thoroughly and fluff. A nicely fluffed afro and a form-fitting dress are a perfectly elegant pair.


Perm Rod Set

Perm Rod Set Perm rods are a great way to create uniform spiral curls on natural hair. Apply styling product to damp hair. Install perm rods and dry completely. Separate curls into small sections. The result is a lovely ethereal style that looks great with large accessories.


Multiple Flat Twists

Multiple Flat Twists Flat twists are elegant. They are also pretty easy to do. Separate hair into several sections from forehead to nape. Starting from the front, twist hair and insert a little Marley hair into each twist as you move toward the back. Secure the ends with bobby pins. Use a moisturizing gel to smooth and set sides.


Shaved Sophistication

Shaved Sophistication Glamour exists at every length, including our shaved hair beauties. This style requires clean lines. Have your stylist touch up the edges at least 24 hours before your big day. Closely cropped hair is bold and sophisticated. You can rock this style alone or with a simple accent like a webbed vale.


Lock It up

Lock It up Locks are an alternative style for naturalistas looking to make a permanent change. If you have already decided to lock your hair, why not tie it in with your big day. Locks offer a great change from twists, braids and afros. Have your stylist refresh your roots a few days before the wedding to ensure each lock is night and neat.


A Little Heat

A Little Heat If you want to totally change up your style on your wedding day opt for a straight style. No matter what style you choose be sure to manage your heat settings, watch the time and use a heat protecting spray.

Your wedding day is a great time to show off your style, go big and bold or subtle and simple. Hopefully you were inspired to try a new style for your big day. Do you have a favorite bridal hairstyle for short hair naturals?

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