7 Hair Hacks That'll Make You Look Model Worthy ...

If you could choose one thing that would help you save time getting ready in the morning, what would it be? For me, I would love it if I could have my hair looking model worthy at the snap of my fingers! I’ve discovered a few hair hacks over the years that make it a little easier to fix my hair. Please keep reading if you’d like to know ways to keep your hair healthy and shorten the amount of time it takes to fix it every day!

1. Never Brush Wet Hair

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Brushing wet hair is a recipe for broken and frizzy hair. It’s very damaging to brush wet hair! Instead, you should comb it from the ends up with a wide toothed comb until your tangles are gone. By keeping your hair healthy and frizz at bay, you’ll shorten the amount of styling time your hair needs!

2. Use a Microfiber Towel

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Just as it’s damaging to brush wet hair, it also damages your hair if you use a towel to “scrub” or “rub” your head. It’s much easier on your hair if you use a microfiber towel and gently squeeze and hold your hair to sop up excess water. This keeps your hair shiny, manageable, and damage-free!

3. Never Curl the Ends of Your Hair

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This hair hack may sound contradictory to what you’ve learned in the past, but leaving an inch of hair straight at the end of your curls will give the illusion of longer hair! It also creates a more natural looking curl or wave.

4. Use Texturizing Spray

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One of my favorite hair products is texturizing spray. Using it on second or third day hair, or right after you wash your hair to give it some dimension will really help your style look undone and full and thick. I also like dry wax sprays for the shine and texture they add. Try using one and seeing what a difference it makes in your hair.

5. Don’t Shampoo Every Day

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When you wash your hair daily, you strip away your hair’s natural oils. This causes dry hair, flaky scalp, uncooperative hair, frizzies, and overtime oil production to compensate for the dry scalp. You don’t want a greasy scalp! Try washing your hair once or twice a week, and using dry shampoo to freshen your locks in between washes.

6. Use Coconut Oil

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The best hair hack is found in your kitchen! If you haven’t tried a coconut oil hair mask yet, you need to get on the ball soon! Not only is coconut oil great to apply to your hair, but also eating it will help your hair, skin, and nails to be shiny and modelesque. Incorporate some into your diet daily for dramatic results!

7. Let Your Hair Cool before Touching It

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One of the biggest mistakes we make when styling our hair, whether it’s a blowout, a flat iron job, or curling it, is to touch our hair before it cools! Always let your hair cool before styling or messing with it, this will allow the style to “set” and hold all day.

Doing your hair doesn’t have to be a pain every day! I know that personally I sometimes dread fixing my hair. These hacks have helped me have healthier, shinier, and much more easily maintained hair! If you know some amazing hair hacks that you can’t live without, please don’t hesitate to share them in the comment section below! Thanks for reading stalkers!

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