10 Got to Have Hairstyles for Girls with Long Hair ...


ATTENTION ALL LADIES WITH LONG LOCKS! We all know how frustrating it can be having long hair, (at times). The tedious side work, long mornings spent in the bathroom, when you just can't seem to tame the beast head of hair, and we can't forget the whole in your wallet after shopping for hair products. With the warmer weather right around the corner, it's not unusual to want to just cut all your hair off. We picked out some the latest and greatest hairstyles for the warm months to come. They're easy to do and will leave all ladies with long hair feeling refreshed and sexy.

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Get Beachy

Get Beachy These beach curls are perfect for the Spring and Summer. They look so natural and are very easy to do.


Natural Blonde

Natural Blonde These light shades of blonde seem to be the latest and greatest for the warmer weather. The loose curls are adorable!


Colorful Headband

Colorful Headband Headbands are the perfect accessory for any outfit in the Summer, whether you're wearing blue jeans or a sun dress. I love the colors and patten in this one.


Messy Bun

Messy Bun You can never go wrong with the messy bun. It's a great way to show off your eyes and keep you feeling cool, while still looking your best.


Cute Braid + Pony Tail

Cute Braid + Pony Tail This hairstyle is so cute. The high pony with the side braid is perfect for the upcoming months. She rocks it with those shades and gold jewelry!


) Low Pony and Braid

) Low Pony and Braid Braids are IN this Spring/Summer! They look so classy and elegant. You can use braids to dress up or dress down any outfit.


) Simple and Straight

) Simple and Straight There is something so becoming about long, straight hair. It's simple and very easy to do! The half up/half down is adorable too.


Volume and Curls

Volume and Curls I am obsessed with this hairstyle. The loose curls with the bangs pulled back into a poof is super chic and attractive.



Ombre Light hair colors are always a must for the warm weather. I love the Ombre look. It's so stylish and fun.


Messy Ponytail

Messy Ponytail If done right, the messy ponytail is perfect for any occasion in the Spring and Summer. It can make your hair look so much more thicker and fuller.

Now, after seeing these adorable hairstyle trends go and play around with these ideas and let us know which style you like the best in the comments! Happy Spring!

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Imagine I could actually do these myself?!

Now the real question is, how do we make these hair styles happen? I have no idea how to do hair! My hair is sooo long and flat and most of the time it feels like a dead thing hanging by my face!

Can anyone please post hairstyles for shoulder-boob length layered hair??!! I can't find ANYTHING that works!! :0

These are cute, but my hair is down past my butt. Ive tried curls or waves but my hair is to heavy and they just fall out. My hair is straight and I usually just braid it or leave it out. I've tried the half up half down but my hair is so difficult to split that way and ends up a rats nest. Nothing seems to work but oh-well

#8 is sooo cute!!!

I love the wave beach one sence I live in California!!!

Lol please do a post for hipbone length hair. These hairstyles are cute, but most would not do for on a daily basis for my length hair. My hair is very thick full and honestly looks exactly like the girl's in number one, just brunette… And longer. I worked so hard to grow my hair out exactly how I liked it… And now I hate it because I feel like I can't do anything with it. Help!

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