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And This is Why Bangs Are so Hot Right Now ...

By Jennifer

It seems like as soon as they've grown out, I'm ready for bangs again... the good news is, a face-framing fringe is totally on-trend right now! Here's why...

1 Shailene's Side-Swept Bangs

Shailene's Side-Swept Bangs Source: The Beauty Evolution of Shailene

2 Long, with Bangs

Long, with Bangs Source: 16 Great ideas of long

3 Short & Sweet & Side-Swept

Short & Sweet & Side-Swept Source: 25 Short Hairstyles That'll Make

4 Blunt Bangs + Topknot

Blunt Bangs + Topknot Source:

5 Olivia's Choppy Fringe

Olivia's Choppy Fringe Source:

6 Emma's Long Bangs

Emma's Long Bangs Source: Sunny strands: Beat the heat

7 Hipster Fringe

Hipster Fringe Source: DDG TV: Soft grunge vs

8 Messy Fringe

Messy Fringe Source: 24 Ways To Go Bang!

9 Shaggy Style

Shaggy Style Source: 12 Shag Haircuts to Try

10 Long & Wispy

Long & Wispy Source: 18 Medium Hairstyles to Try

11 Layered Bangs

Layered Bangs

12 Lea Michele's Beautiful Bangs

Lea Michele's Beautiful Bangs Source: Bustle

13 Heidi's Braided Bangs

Heidi's Braided Bangs Source: 15 Ways to Wear Bangs

14 Rachel's Retro Fringe

Rachel's Retro Fringe Source: 50 Best Side Swept Bangs

15 Tiffani's Cute Cut

Tiffani's Cute Cut Source: 20 Hairstyles For Chubby Faces

16 Fun Color Fringe

Fun Color Fringe Source: 12 Edgy-Chic Black and Blonde

17 Romantic Fringe

Romantic Fringe Source: 21 Amazing Hairstyles With Bangs

18 Jessica's Ombre Bangs

Jessica's Ombre Bangs Source: 10 Tricks to Make Fine

19 Hannah's Perfect Fringe

Hannah's Perfect Fringe Source:

20 Blonde Bangs

Blonde Bangs Source: 50 Adorable Short Haircuts

21 Short and Messy

Short and Messy Source: Komono Stella Shades | Shop

22 Kirsten's Face-Framing Fringe

Kirsten's Face-Framing Fringe Source: The 21 Best Haircuts with

23 Reese's Wispy Bangs

Reese's Wispy Bangs Source: The 15 Hottest Haircuts for

24 Long Bangs

Long Bangs Source: - beautyandhairhaven Resources and

25 Taylor's Full Fringe

Taylor's Full Fringe Source:

26 Long Fringe

Long Fringe Source: Caroline Corinth - Unique Models

27 Wavy Bob with Bangs

Wavy Bob with Bangs Source: Katy Perry Pulls Off Goth

28 Long Bangs and Bun

Long Bangs and Bun Source: Rock With You

29 Dark Fringe

Dark Fringe Source: 16 Stunning Hairstyles for Black

30 Long, Lovely Fringe

Long, Lovely Fringe Source: 10 Kinds of Bangs and

31 Rachel's Wispy Bangs

Rachel's Wispy Bangs Source: 30 Best Hairstyles for Big

32 Baby Bangs

Baby Bangs Source: 10 Kinds of Bangs and

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