Could You Rock Granny Hair These Grey-Hair Inspos Will Make You Say YES

By Jennifer

Grey isn't just for grannies anymore — do you think you could rock a grey-hued 'do? Here are a few grey-hair inspos to inspire your next trip to the colorist.

Table of contents:

  1. dark at the roots
  2. with a pixie cut
  3. with flowers
  4. silvery-grey
  5. in a messy braid
  6. very ashy pale
  7. a little lavender
  8. with pink ends
  9. ice blue hue
  10. in an updo
  11. chalky grey
  12. pin-straight
  13. pretty rosettes
  14. dip-dyed ends
  15. loose curls
  16. half-shaved
  17. with a matching beanie
  18. beach-y waves
  19. a pop of blue!
  20. purple/grey ombre
  21. blue-grey
  22. dressed to match
  23. powder blue highlights
  24. sarah harris' style

1 Dark at the Roots

Source: 15 Real Girls Who Prove

2 With a Pixie Cut

Source: .elise. | on Wednesday we

3 With Flowers

Source: 28 Gals Who Are Pulling

4 Silvery-Grey

Source: SAV : Photo

5 In a Messy Braid

Source: The Silver Fox, Stunning Gray

6 Very Ashy Pale

Source: How to dye your hair

7 A Little Lavender


8 With Pink Ends


9 Ice Blue Hue

Source: How to Style Valentino's Spring

10 In an Updo


11 Chalky Grey

Source: Grey Hair Chalk // Large

12 Pin-Straight

Source: ✨Whatever✨

13 Pretty Rosettes

Source: An entry from heather labonte

14 Dip-Dyed Ends

Source: 10 Gorgeous Ways to Go

15 Loose Curls

Source: Log in | Tumblr

16 Half-Shaved

Source: colorful cuties

17 With a Matching Beanie


18 Beach-Y Waves

Source: Mr. Kate | roundup: beautiful

19 A Pop of Blue!


20 Purple/Grey Ombre

Source: Rainbow Hair, Don't Care! 37

21 Blue-Grey

Source: Log in | Tumblr

22 Dressed to Match


23 Powder Blue Highlights

Source: Smith & Davis Salon

24 Sarah Harris' Style

Source: Style Icons Redefining Beauty In

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