Which of These Three Hottest Hair Colors for Spring 2015 Will You Try?


What's hotter than Chris Hemsworth in faded jeans? These three hair colors, all super on-trend this spring. Which one are you dying to try? Let's have a look at the three colors — rose gold, platinum blonde, and glorious "granny" grey — a few different ways.

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hair,human hair color,clothing,blond,hairstyle, Source: Colour chameleon: 8 hair colour


Rose-Gold Ombre

hair,human hair color,clothing,face,blond, Source: 40 Beautiful Ombre Hairstyles You


Rose-Gold (in an Updo)

hair,pink,bridal accessory,clothing,bridal veil, Source: Capelli tendenze Primavera Estate 2014


Long, Rose-Gold Hair

hair,human hair color,face,blond,hairstyle, Source: Hair Color to Try: Rose


Cara's Rose Gold

hair,human hair color,color,face,blond, Source: 10 Summer Wedding Makeup Looks


Cara's Rose Gold is a gorgeous hair color for spring 2015. It is a blend of light pink and gold tones, creating a unique and beautiful look. The color is perfect for a summer wedding, as it adds a subtle hint of color to any look. It also looks great with any skin tone, making it a great choice for anyone looking to make a statement. With its unique blend of colors, Cara's Rose Gold is sure to turn heads this spring. It is a great way to add a touch of glamour to any look, and is sure to make any woman feel beautiful.


Boho Rose Gold

hair,face,person,nose,photography, Source: Gypsy Nameplate Necklace


A Touch of Rose Gold

hair,face,hairstyle,blond,nose, Source: 21 Easy Hairdos for Short


Sienna's Rose Gold

hair,human hair color,clothing,blond,black hair, Source: beautyeditor.ca


Katy's Rose Gold Roots

hair,human hair color,face,blond,hairstyle, Source: 101 Hair Ideas To Try


Soft Grey

hair,color,pink,face,red, Source: callinamarie.buzznet.com


With a Blue Hue

hair,face,black hair,eyebrow,nose, Source: 22 Gray Dye Jobs That


Nearly White!

hair,human hair color,face,blond,hairstyle, Source: How to dye your hair


Shades of Grey

hair,eyewear,clothing,blond,blue, Source: callinamarie.buzznet.com


Sleek Grey

hair,clothing,black hair,hairstyle,long hair, Source: 10 Gorgeous Ways to Go


The Silver Fox

hair,human hair color,blond,face,hairstyle, Source: 2015 Hair Color Trends Guide


Darker Grey

hair,hairstyle,long hair, Source: 22 Gray Dye Jobs That


Grey with Black Tips

hair,clothing,hairstyle,blond,hair coloring, Source: 22 Gray Dye Jobs That


Grey with Black Roots

hair,human hair color,face,black hair,hairstyle, Source: 15 Surprisingly Gorgeous Ways To


Grey, with a Color Pop

hair,face,hairstyle,hair coloring,blond, Source: A CURE FOR GREY HAIR


Warm Grey

hair,human hair color,face,eyebrow,blond, Source: Edun Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear Beauty


Sleek, Shiny Grey

hair,human hair color,face,black hair,nose, Source: 15 Real Girls Who Prove


With Violet Tones

hair,color,face,clothing,nose, Source: callinamarie.buzznet.com


Cool Grey

hair,black hair,hairstyle,beauty,long hair, Source: The 6 Hottest Curly-Hair Color


Ash Grey

hair,eyebrow,face,nose,black hair, Source: ‘Granny’ Hair Trend: Young Women


Platinum, with Darker Roots

hair,human hair color,blond,clothing,hairstyle, Source: dailymakeover.com


Lots of Platinum Locks

hair,clothing,hairstyle,long hair,brown hair, Source: CARA LOREN: Back in the


A Slight Sunny Tinge

hair,human hair color,blond,face,yellow, Source: 4 Summer 2014/2015 HairStyle Trends


Soft Platinum

hair,human hair color,face,blond,photography, Source: Little Mix show off self-designed


Pure Platinum

hair,clothing,photography,hairstyle,blond, Source: Fun Ways to Change Up


Cool Platinum

hair,clothing,hairstyle,blond,long hair, Source: CARA LOREN


Warm Platinum

hair,blond,face,hairstyle,beauty, Source: MyBestBadi


With Volume

hair,clothing,blond,polka dot,dress, Source: Suburban Faux-Pas: August 2012


Julianne's Platinum with Roots

hair,human hair color,face,blond,hairstyle, Source: 9 Celebs Who Aren’t Afraid


"Natural" Platinum

hair,clothing,hairstyle,blond,beauty, Source: Homecoming Updos You’ll Want to


Gwyneth's Signature Color

hair,human hair color,blond,face,hairstyle, Source: Gwyneth Paltrow's Beauty Secrets


Retro-Inspired Platinum

hair,human hair color,blond,face,hairstyle, Source: Dolores Fonzi - Magazine Fuga


Palest of Platinum

hair,human hair color,blond,face,hairstyle, Source: De hipste kleuren van 2015

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Rose gold is very pretty!

Wow Jennifer it looks like you got this article just right compared to your previous pointless articles

I love these colours but I wish there were more that would go better with people with darker skin like me

Thank you but I'll stick to my black and orange hena that makes my hair brown.. 😍

Pale grey definitely!!

It's too bad a lot of these are photoshopped.

Im done trying to change myself all the time. I used to dye my hair once a week just about. No more. Don't care if my brunette locks are in or not.

@Sharia it's a general comment. If u read the previous articles u would know what I'm referring to thanks

The grey hair is very pretty. Love it!!!

Nothing for woc?? Cause people with dark olive, Indian, or darker skin tones can't pull these colors off. They're gorgeous, so no hate, but I'd like to see something for woc

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