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Fuel Your Braid Obsession - Game of Thrones Inspired Hairstyles ...

By Lauren

There are probably very few movies or programs that make you pause the TV or DVR to home in on a hairstyle. Game of Thrones is probably the exception. And if you love braids GOT is simply orgasmic. Find out below how to rock your inner Daenerys or Sansa.

1 Simple Crown Braid

hair,clothing,hairstyle,brown,long hair,Source: This Is What Happens When

2 Triple Braid

hair,clothing,hairstyle,long hair,costume,Source:

3 Tiered Braids

hair,clothing,hairstyle,braid,long hair,Source: Final Look: Back View

4 5 Game of Thrones Hairstyles

hair,hairstyle,art,pattern,design,Source: ~ Viking, Celtic, Medieval, Elven

5 Inside-out Braided Ponytail

Cancer,hair,face,hairstyle,braid,Source: LuLu*s How-To: Inside-Out Braided Ponytail

6 Summer Braid

hair,hairstyle,blond,hair coloring,long hair,Source: DIY This Daenerys-Inspired Waterfall Braid

7 New Twist to the Waterfall Braid

hair,hairstyle,braid,hair coloring,long hair,Source: Blogger

8 Princess Braid

hair,hairstyle,clothing,girl,beauty,Source: Game Of Thrones: Khaleesi/Princess Daenerys

9 Khaleesi Rope Braid

hair,face,nose,hairstyle,facial hair,Source: Khaleesi Rope Braid Tutorial

10 Deanerys Iconic Braids

hair,skin,hairstyle,fashion,sense,Source: Channel Your Inner Daenerys Targaryen

11 Waterfall Braid

hair,face,hairstyle,blond,hair coloring,Source: Hair How-To: The Waterfall Braid

12 Game of Thrones Style

hair,blond,hairstyle,face,long hair,Source: Lilith Moon: What hairstyle to

13 Cersei Lannister Rope Braids

hair,brown,fur,hairstyle,fur clothing,Source: Game of Thrones Hairstyles

14 Another Khaleesi Braid

Regency Pacific,hair,brown,hairstyle,head,Source: Game of Thrones Hairstyles –

15 Khaleesi Braid Again

hair,hairstyle,hair coloring,french braid,long hair,Source:

16 Copy Daenerys

hair,clothing,hairstyle,fashion,spring,Source: Game of Thrones Braid Tutorial

17 Sansa Stark Braid

Regency Pacific,Game of Thrones,hair,brown,hairstyle,Source:

18 Cersei Lannister Rope Braid

hair,brown,hairstyle,hair coloring,long hair,Source: Game of Thrones Hairstyles

19 Wrap around Braid

hair,brown,hairstyle,face,long hair,Source: Hair

20 Daenerys-Inspired Waterfall Braid

hair,human hair color,blond,face,hairstyle,Source: DIY This Daenerys-Inspired Waterfall Braid

21 Easy GOT Hair

brown,food,fur,dessert,ROM,Source: Game of Thrones Hairstyles –

22 Khaleesi Inspired

Game of Thrones,hair,hairstyle,brown,hair coloring,Source:

23 Medieval Braid

hair,hairstyle,brown,sense,collage,Source: 19 Hair Ideas To Step

24 Half up Hair Bun

Caring Hands,hair,clothing,hairstyle,brown,Source: The 10 Game Of Thrones

25 Waterfall Braided Web

Lady Hat,hair,hairstyle,long hair,braid,Source:

26 Game of Thrones-style Braid

Circle Mountain,Anacostia Bid,hair,face,hairstyle,Source: Easy Tutorial: Aufwendiger Fischgräten Zopf

27 Westerosi Braid

hair,face,hairstyle,black hair,nose,Source: LuckyShops

Which hairstyle will land you in the Iron Throne?

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