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Sitting in the salon chair can be a tiny bit nerve-wracking, especially if you’re about to make a big change. Going from long hair to short hair is definitely a big change, but short hair isn’t scary. In fact, it’s much more manageable than long hair, and it looks very chic too. If you’re intrigued to find out why short hair is easier to deal with than long hair, go ahead and keep reading!

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You Spend Less Time Using Hot Tools

When you have shorter hair, it takes less time to dry. So your time spent using a blow dryer is cut short! You also have less hair to flat iron or curl, so your styling time is basically cut in half. It’s much easier to just do quick touchups on some days because short hair doesn’t get too mussed while you sleep. So much healthier for your hair with all that extra heat gone!


You’ll Use Less Product

Using styling product is essential for a great style. One of the perks that makes having short hair more manageable than long hair is using less product! This is better for a couple reasons. Number one, obviously you’re spending less money on hair product since you don’t need as much per hairstyle. And number two, your hair has less styling product gooping it up and causing build-up and flaking after a few days!


Some Days You Can Avoid Styling Altogether

With short hair, it’s easy on some days to just wash and go. You can throw some gel or mousse in your hair, scrunch it a little, and you look lovely! I like having this option with short hair, because frankly, there are some days when I don’t have time or patience to manage long hair.


Your Hair Will Be Healthier

So here is another perk for using less heat on your tresses. You have less damage to your hair and less split ends! The hair next to your scalp is rarely damaged easily because the oils from your scalp protect your hair. Plus, it’s new hair since there is always regrowth. So with short hair, you basically have healthier and better-looking hair.


No More Tangles to Battle

I love not having long hair to detangle in the mornings or after my shower! Short hair doesn’t tangle easily or often. You can still use a de-tangler if you have a tender scalp though! Always use a wide tooth comb to comb wet hair for less damage!


Short Hair Can Go Longer between Washes

With less hair to put product in, and less product weighing your hair down, and less hair to touch and mess with, it’s easier to stretch the time between washes. I use a dry shampoo to refresh my roots, touch up the ends with a flat iron, and call it good.


You’ll Look and Feel Fresher and Younger

There is no denying that having a new hair cut makes you feel foxy and lovely. Short hair highlights your face and long hair can drag your face down, making you look tired and older. Choose a cut that highlights your best feature, eyes, lips, or cheekbones!

Having short hair is a fun way to mix things up! If you’ve been wondering about cutting your hair short, now you can call your stylist and take the plunge! With these tips in mind, you can easily see that short hair is more manageable than long hair! Thanks so much for reading and have a nice day!

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I would never cut off my long hair to go short

I agree, with long hair I never have to style it! Short hair would make me look poofy and prepubescent

I'd love having short hair, but with how curly my hair is I'd end up with poodle hair!

i want cut my hair but i am scared of me not liking it and my mom won't let me. i want to have short hair.

I have short hair, I only have to wash it every 3 days(when it stops smelling fresh) if sleep with low pigtails, it is not poofy and won't be unless I brush it with a brush not a wide tooth comb, and it is so much stronger and has more luster than when I had long hair

There are no days i can avoid styling with short hair, with long hair I washed it and went now I have to straighten and use product I hate having short hair x

Number 7 is so stupid

I miss my super short pixie. Now I have a shoulder length bob

I just cut my long locks into a textured bob and I love it so much! My hair definitely feels a whole lot healthier and the best part is that it's only temporary, hair grows ☺️

i don't look good with short hair, so i always need to have it at least past my shoulders. :(

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