7 Tumblr Inspired Hairstyle Tutorials You'll Adore ...


Tumblr is a fun place to fangirl over your favorite celebrities and reblog photos of gorgeous scenery. However, it's also a great place to go when you need inspiration for your hair or makeup. Seeing how other women across the globe style their hair can give you ideas on how to style your own. Here are some of the best tumblr inspired hairstyle tutorials you'll adore:

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Bun, Braid, and Updo

This video shows you how to create a few different Tumblr inspired hairstyles. It'll instruct you on how to create a twisty bun, a headband-like braid, and a half-updo. Even though they look super elaborate when they're finished, they're actually pretty simple to create. Follow this Youtuber's instructions and you shouldn't have trouble figuring it all out.


Beach Babe

Ready for the beach? Well, this tutorial will teach you how to style your hair, how to apply your makeup, and how to create a perfect outfit for your sunny day out. If you're not in the mood to watch an intro, skip ahead to 2:00 minutes into the video to see how this Youtuber gets ready for her day at the beach. Her look is pretty simple to recreate, so you'll be able to master it in no time.


Bun, Waves, and Top Knot

This video will show you three more Tumblr inspired hairstyles. The first one shows you how to create a half-up half-down trendy hair bun, the second shows you how to create tousled waves at any hair length, and the third shows you how to make a messy top knot. Whether you're going out to a party or just heading to class, you can fall back on these simple hairstyles.


Hair Chalk Styles

This video will demonstrate several ways to style your hair. The first one shows you how to create a Boho look by using hair chalk. The second look shows how to create a gorgeous braided bun. The last one shows you how to create a fishtail braid with a splash of color.


No Heat Hairstyles

If you don't want to use heat on your hair, then this video will show you four awesome styles to use. The first is a bun, the second is a poofy ponytail, the third is a fishtail, and the fourth is a half-up half-down bun.


More Heatless Hairstyles

Here are a few more heatless hairstyles for you to enjoy. The first one is a messy ponytail, the second is a half-up half-down bun, the third is a space bun (inspired by Miley Cyrus), and the last is a double bun (inspired by Ariana Grande).


Cute & Easy Hairstyles

This video has three more hairstyles for you to try. If you're a fan of Tumblr, then you should recognize all of them. Not only does the Youtuber give you advice on how to style your hair, but she also states that ombre hair is all the rage and adds accessories to each of her looks.

There's no reason to wear your hair in the same boring way every single day when there are dozens of styles you could try. No matter how long or short your hair is, you can figure out different ways to make it look amazing each morning. What's your favorite type of hairstyle to wear around town?

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I love braids but I'm not a huge fan of half up buns. I feel like some people can really pull them off but on some people it's just weird

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