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Short natural hair is lovely, sexy, and fun. And quite versatile, too! The right trick and tools transform your shorter locks into various different looks for any occasion. Everything from a simple twa (teeny weeny afro) to springy spiral curls and spiky pixie faux hawk flair are options for you. If you need a little style inspiration, take a look at these nine style options for short natural hair that range from the heat free to the flat ironed.

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Chunky Twist-out on Tapered Hair

This hairstyle is all about the product and manipulation. Use a clean drying product such as ORS olive oil moisturizing gel to set the twists. Allow your short natural hair to dry completely. Apply a little oil and untwist each section. Courtesy of MyNaturalSistas


Perm Rod Set for Coily Hair

This perm rod set on coily produces smooth corkscrew curls. The process is all about minimal product. Allow hair to dry completely. Use a little natural oil to separate each section into smaller curls. Fluff roots using a wide-tooth comb. Courtesy of Shinestruck


Easy Peasy Wash and Go

This wash and go style tutorial for short natural hair is the easiest I have seen in a while. The five simple steps outlined in the video will help you achieve a kinky/coily defined look. It all begins with thoroughly detangled hair. Courtesy of MyNaturalSistas


Amazing Twa Defined Curls

Pixie cut on natural hair is taken to another level with well-defined finger coils and curls. This style requires damp hair throughout the process. It is important to use a gel that moisturizes yet dries clear and soft. Courtesy of MyNaturalSistas


Dry Finger Waves

Some naturalistas feel a need to change up the natural hair game a little by using heat styling tools. This pretty dry finger wave style is the result of a blow-dry and curl on short hair. Use a small barrel curling iron to curl your short natural hair in small sections. Apply a light layer of pomade. Use a rat-tail comb and fingers to guide hair into waves. Courtesy of Modern Salon


Faux Hawk

Dressed up or down a faux hawk always looks lovely. The key to this style is alternating curves. Use heat protector and a flat iron to bend hair in alternating waves. Apply a light coat of spiking pomade then rake hair with a wide tooth comb. Smooth the sides of your hair to set in place. Courtesy of TheHaiRazorTV


Short Tapered

Natural curl styles are not for everyone and even long-time naturals like to change it up a bit from time to time. This short tapered style tutorial is truly versatile. Use coconut oil, rat-tail comb, beeswax, wide-tooth comb, and finishing spray to recreate this style. Flat iron hair in small sections, smooth into place and you are ready to go. Courtesy of TheHaiRazorTV


Pixie Cut Cutie

Smooth your short hair into place, cover with a wrap and allow to air dry. Use a small flat iron and heat protecting spray to create tiny flips across your hairline. Finger comb your hair all over. Smooth sides with a rat tail and cover briefly to lock in the sides. Courtesy of CocoaFab


Piled on Top

Curl hair all over using a small flat iron, angling curls towards the back. Use a rat-tail comb to separate curls and erase part lines. Insert a small bit of Marley hair into your pompadour for added lift. Do not tease your hair. Pin in place as needed and spritz with holding spray for a great evening look. Courtesy of MelindaWilliams

Short natural hair is quite versatile. Worn natural in a 'fro or in heat straightened hairstyles, it is uniquely your own. Show it off. Please remember to moisturize well and use a heat protecting serum whenever you heat style your hair. Other than that, take it easy sisters in kinky/curly/coily awesomeness. How do you style your short natural hair?

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this is only for black ppl hair 😒

Thank you Misty 👏😃

Ally, that is horrible to say. I am a mother is mixed kids 24-9 years old. My husband is black. Do you not think people of all colors read these articles? My hair is crazy curly and some of her tips may help my hair so I read them. There are plenty of black women on this app who read these articles. I don't even know what to say to you but... you are young, try to think before you type. Things like this can come off offensive to others.

No hate Keyanna but you may want to travel the world a little more. African American's are not the only ones with this type of beautiful hair. Do some research before you comment. Look up hair texture of the Spanish culture for one example.

uh ok? I was just being honest && what Keyanna said was tru

I love that this website offers tips for all races. At first I thought it was just for white girls and I still liked it a little. Now that I've seen all of the posts directed towards African American women, I love it even more.

The article was directed more to an African American grade of hair. A lot of other hair posts cannot be done with this type of hair. No reason for the hate guys.

Ah yes, Ally! Many people have super curly hair. Black,white and everything in between!

Love some of these styles. Could yall please post some style for short/medium length relaxed African American hair?

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