7 Pastel and Neon Colored Hair Dyes to Try While You're Young ...


When you're young, you can get away with all kinds of looks. That's not to say that you shouldn't color your hair bright shades when you get older; some women look awesome with pink hair, whatever their age. But when you're young is a good time to experiment with your hair and try out some crazy looks. So here are some pastel and neon dyes to try while you're young …

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Sephora Hair Chalk

Sephora Hair Chalk sephora.com

Available in pink, lilac or turquoise, this little pot is ideal for adding streaks of color to your hair (older ladies might also like it to cover up those pesky odd grey hairs!). You can use it on wet or dry hair, so experiment to see what effect you get. The color will be stronger if applied to wet hair. You can also apply it to the ends, which would look really striking if you pull your hair into a loose bun.


Bumble & Bumble Spray Chalk

Bumble & Bumble Spray Chalk sephora.com

How much easier could this be to use? It's a wash-in, wash-out spray that will also keep your hair in place. This spray comes in mint or cobalt blue, and is ideal if you want instant color for a night out, but don't want it to last. You could even mix both colors for a really eye-catching look. But hurry, as it's a limited edition.


Garnier Color Styler Intense

Garnier Color Styler Intense target.com

This color comes in five shades: pink, purple, blue, red and bronze. It'll last for two or three washes, so either avoid using before work, or apply where you can hide it by styling your hair! It's really easy to apply using your fingers, so you can control exactly where you want the color to go.


Splat Neon Green

Splat Neon Green splathaircolor.com

If you fancy going for a really bright neon color, look for Splat. Neon bright clothes were big in the Eighties and are making one of their periodic comebacks in the shops. So it could be the time to go for bold neon green hair. For really bright colors like this, you'll need to bleach your hair first for the color to take really well. If you prefer not to bleach it, you'll get a more subtle tone (relatively speaking, anyway!


Manic Panic Cotton Candy

Manic Panic Cotton Candy hottopic.com

Manic Panic are the go-to brand for diehard (sorry) fans of vibrant hair colors. And Cotton Candy really is the pinkest of pinks! If pastel pink is too pallid for you, then grab a tube of Cotton Candy. Your hair will be so bright it can be seen from space, but because it's semi-permanent the color won't hang around too long. And the best bit is that the brand doesn't test its products on animals.


Manic Panic Electric Banana

Manic Panic Electric Banana manicpanic.biz

If you want a fantastically bright yellow, then Electric Banana lives up to its name. This shade really isn't for anyone who wants to hide in the crowd! This version is a styling gel that will wash out when you next shampoo your hair. But if you do want a longer-lasting look, they also do a semi-permanent version.


Hot Huez Hair Color

Hot Huez Hair Color target.com

If you're thinking that rainbow hair would be more fun, this kit could be just what you're looking for. You can add pink, blue, purple and green streaks by simply sliding the compact along a strand of hair. If you've got a tweenage sister, she'll probably love these colors and borrow the kit!

Do you think that crazy hair colors should be confined to younger people? Or do you intend to sport purple locks when you're older?

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RAW makes a good hair dye similar to Manic Panic. More vibrant in my opinion, longer lasting too. I used their "Fuchsia Fatale" for years on my bangs. Smelled like candy & didn't dry my hair out. I would just slap some on my bangs, cover in foil, and left it on FOR HOURS. Stayed vibrant wayyyyyy longer than expected with hardly any fading.

Im soooooooo using the Sephora hair chalk

As someone who has colored hair, these products are awful aside from manic panic. Splat is terrible for the hair, the ingredients are drying and full of chemicals virus manic panics veggie pigment and conditioner. Special effects dye is the longest lasting and brightest on most people. And Olivia, I have bright green hair and have a wonderful job. It's people like you who make it hard for some people to find a job. I had trouble for years because I only applied at places I thought would hire bright hair, instead of places I actually wanted to work. I took a chance and applied in a psychiatric office and they had absolutely no problem with it, as do most people that aren't the retail or fast food stores.

Splat, manic panic, all of those "well known" dyes, seriously damage hair, even if you don't see the effects now, trust me, they will come. Try using arctic fox. You can buy their dyes online and they are all natural, deep conditioning, and smell fantastic! Plus they are a vegan company so no animal testing, and some proceeds go to helping out animals in testing facilities

I have bright pink hair. I'm 31. Too old?? ..I'm not even sorry

Hot hues is horrible don't buy it! It crumbles out of the compact thing and makes a huge mess! It's not worth the money or time!

Good luck getting a job with these...

lol kill me

Why do you have to be young? Tired of society always placing boundaries on life, live your life how you want to live it!!!

OMG the girl with the blue hair on the cover is mesmerizing!

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