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When you have fine hair, you probably have two main concerns: lack of volume and flyaways. In some respects fine hair is one of the hardest hair textures to find a suitable style for. A clever style will add the volume you want and control flyways.

Creating volume in your hair might seem like a hopeless cause, but there are plenty of things you can do to boost the look and feel of your hair. Your first stop should be to rule out a medical condition. Women with certain genetic problems may experience hair loss. Likewise, menopause, thyroid issues, an iron deficiency or a spike in male hormones can all cause you to have thin, lifeless hair. Treating those conditions can often boost volume and restore the luster of your strands.

The way you eat may also be contributing to the lack of volume in your hair. The truth is that your hair relies on certain nutrients to grow thick and full. Leafy green veggies are a great source of these nutrients, which include iron, biotin and zinc. Protein is also essential and can be found in fish, lean red meat, chicken, beans and nuts. Bananas and eggs are other foods that are great for your hair. You also want to be sure you're drinking plenty of water to keep strands lush and hydrated.

Using volumizing products is another sure bet to boost the lush feel and look of your hair. Shampoo and conditioner that is billed as volumizing is specially formulated with ingredients that cleanse and remove excess buildup so your strands aren't weighed down. Use these products from about the middle of your hair down. That way they don't add extra weight to the hair around your crown, which helps boost volume as well.

Choosing the right brush is also vital if you're battling a lack of volume in your hair. Experts suggest natural boar bristle brushes because they don't cause as much damage as metal or hard bristle brushes. Flexible nylon bristles are another ideal choice as they slide through hair without breaking and damaging it.

Massaging your scalp is a wonderful way to boost volume by increasing circulation to your scalp and hair follicle, encouraging strong, thick and healthy strands. Combine your massage with hair oils to really amp up the benefits. You can massage your own scalp or pay a professional to do it for you. Either way, this is a great way to get fuller hair - and it feels so good too!

If you blow dry your hair, you might not realize that you could be doing more harm than good when it comes to plumping up your hair's volume. If you simply aim the blow dryer at your head until your hair is dry, you're going about it all wrong. Instead, you should flip your head over and blow dry upside down. When you turn your head back over, you have created all kinds of great volume at the roots, helping get the look you really want.

Besides what you use to wash your hair with, there are other great volumizing products that can help you get fuller hair. A root boosting spray is a great line of defense against limp, lifeless hair. You'll also see great results by using a mousse, lotion, spray or gel that is designed to give you more volume throughout your hair. Be sure to read the directions on such products because some of them are meant for use on damp hair, while others may be best used on dry strands. At the same time, make sure you aren't using too much of any product, which can really weigh your hair down.

Sleeping with your up in a bun is another easy way to get more volume. Simply twist damp or dry hair up on top of your head when you go to bed. When you get up in the morning, you should see a fuller head of hair with very little effort.

Another great way to get more volume is to think about the color of your hair. By adding the right highlights, you can create the illusion of additional volume. The placement of the color helps add a multi-dimensional look to your strands, which can trick the eye into seeing more thickness.

Finally, the way you style your hair has a big impact on how full it looks. When all else fails, you can choose one of the following hairstyles to boost volume and get the look you're going for. Of course, combining these hairstyles with the other ideas here can amp things up even more. No more dull lifeless hair for you! You're going to be the hair envy of every girl in town, starting right now.

1. Classy Long Layers

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