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Tame Your Tresses with These Gorgeous Hairstyles for Thick Hair ...

By Jennifer

If you've got thick hair, chances are, summer's the season of the all-out war on your tresses. But I can help! I've found a few helpful, hair-taming styles that keep your hair out of your face and off your neck, and they look gorgeous, too!

1 Wrap-around Braid

hair,brown,clothing,hairstyle,long hair,Source: Top 10 Beautiful Romantic Hairstyle

2 Half-up, Half-down

brown,hairstyle,brand,sense,leg,Source: Community Post: 14 Impossibly Cute

3 Bouffant Bun

hair,color,clothing,hairstyle,head,Source: DIY Wedding Hairstyles to Try

4 Beach Braid

hair,face,hairstyle,nose,long hair,Source: 10 Hair Tutorials for You

5 Braid Wrapped Chignon

hair,face,hairstyle,nose,hair coloring,Source: Cute Updos for long hair

6 Hippie Braids

hair,blond,clothing,hairstyle,hair coloring,Source: 16 Ultra-Chic Bohemian Hairstyles

7 10-Second Topknot

hair,face,clothing,hairstyle,brown,Source: 15 Super Easy Hairstyles With

8 For Short Hair

hair,face,hairstyle,hair coloring,nose,Source: 15 Cute and Easy Hairstyle

9 Messy Side Braid

face,hair,clothing,nose,hairstyle,Source: Pretty Side-Braid Hairstyles - PoPular

10 Loose Side Braid

hair,face,eyebrow,hairstyle,nose,Source: Bohemian Side Braid Festival Hair

11 Va-Va-Volume Ponytail

hair,hairstyle,face,blond,long hair,Source: 18 Simple Office Hairstyles for

12 The Waterfall Braid

Combinação Perfeita,CNY Business Journal,wood,close up,Easy,Source: Learn How to DIY the

13 Upside down Braided Bun

hair,clothing,hairstyle,long hair,fashion accessory,Source: Upside Down Braided Bun

14 3 Headband Braids

hair,face,nose,hairstyle,head,Source: 3 Easy-Peasy Headband Braid Hairstyles

15 Gatsby Style

Mary's Medicinals,human action,skin,head,hand,Source: 36 DIY Cosmetic Hacks You

16 Game of Thrones Braids

hair,clothing,hairstyle,brown,long hair,

17 The Perfect Pony

hair,brown,hair coloring,hairstyle,brown hair,Source: 9 sassy party hair tutorials

18 French Braid Twist

hair,clothing,hairstyle,fashion accessory,dress,Source: French Braid Twist Tutorial The

19 No-Part Pigtails

Regency Pacific,hair,clothing,brown,hairstyle,Source: 25 Five Minute Or Less

20 Criss-Croos Half-up

hair,hairstyle,brown,hair coloring,long hair,Source: 25 Five Minute Or Less

21 Sock Bun

hair,hairstyle,face,hair coloring,blond,Source: 17 Quick And Easy DIY

22 Celtic Knot Half-Updo

hair,face,blond,hairstyle,hair coloring,Source: Hair How-To: Celtic Knot Half-Updo

23 Tuck & Cover French Braid

hair,face,hairstyle,nose,forehead,Source: Braid 7-Tuck and Cover French

24 Half-up Braided Hair

hair,hairstyle,blond,hair coloring,braid,Source: LuLu*s How-To: Half-Up Braided Hair

25 Knotty Updo

hair,brown,clothing,hairstyle,black hair,Source: LuLu*s How-To: Knotty Updo Hair

26 High Crown Braid

food,dessert,wood,baking,dish,Source: 15 Braided Hairstyles That Will

27 Low Rolled Updo

hair,hairstyle,brown,blond,long hair,Source: LuLu*s How-To: Low Rolled Updo

28 The Braided Ballerina Bun

hair,hairstyle,face,long hair,hair coloring,Source: How To: The Ballerina Bun

29 Half-Crown Braid

hair,hairstyle,blond,hair coloring,fur,Source: 6 Chic Braided Crown Hairstyles

30 The Gibson Tuck

face,hair,image,nose,hairstyle,face,hair,image,nose,hairstyle,Source: The Gibson Tuck - DIY

31 The Big Braided Bun

hair,hairstyle,brown,head,eyelash,Source: Hairstyles: Rules you Should Follow

32 Dutch Sister Braid

hair,hairstyle,poster,DUTCH,SISTER,Source: 3 Cutest Braided Hairstyles Mohawk

33 Vintage Vibe Pony

Globe,hair,color,face,nose,Source: 27 Gorgeously Dreamy Vintage-Inspired Hair

34 Fishtail Braid

hair,hairstyle,brown,hair coloring,long hair,Source: 22 Ways to Make Your

35 Knotted Bun Updo

hair,human action,person,image,nose,Source: 10 Hair Tutorials for Buns

36 Twisted Fishtail Half-up Half-down

hair,clothing,hairstyle,blond,long hair,Source:

37 Topsy Tail

image,poster,art,sketch,drawing,Source: 10 Sassy Hair tutorials to

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