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If you're not ready to get a haircut or dye it a new color, you can change up your look by switching your part. It's a quick alteration that won't even take you five minutes to do, but it can make you look like a new person. Whatever change you make won't be permanent, so you can try new parts out right now in the mirror. Here are all of your options:

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A Center Part

A Center Part If you part your hair in the center of your head, then it'll make your face look fuller. That's why it's great for girls with thin faces. A middle part will also draw emphasis to your eyebrows, so if you've just gotten them plucked, parting your hair in the center is a great way to guarantee you'll get compliments on them.


A Side Part

A Side Part A side part is one of the most subtle ways to part your hair, so you should style your hair in this way if you want the focus to be on your face. It works well on women with fuller faces, because it will make their features appear balanced and it can even soften your jaw line.


A Deep Side Part

A Deep Side Part If your hair is too flat for your taste, then a deep side part is the way to go. It'll lift your roots, making your hair appear like it has more volume than it actually does. This is also a great way for women with round face shapes to style their hair, because it'll add symmetry to the face.


A Zigzag Part

A Zigzag Part This is the most unique way to part your hair, because you don't see it around all that often. However, it is a great way to hide roots, because your hair won't be parted in a straight line. You don't even need a brush to create the style, because you can use your fingers to cross your hair into the right positions.


A Diagonal Part

A Diagonal Part This glamorous part will make a wide face look thinner. It's a professional look, so it works best when you wear your hair up in a bun. Of course, you can wear it down as well, but make sure that it starts from the outer corner of one brow and extends diagonally from there.


An off Center Part

An off Center Part This style is basically a center part that is slightly off to the side. It's a bit more flattering and easy to create than a center part is, which is why so many ladies rock the style. You might even accidentally create the style when you're trying to create a center part!


An Uneven Hair Part

An Uneven Hair Part This part is reserved for ladies who want to wear their hair in a messy style. It works best with beachy waves in summer or tousled hair that looks like you've just gotten out of bed. It's also a great part to use when you're trying to hide your roots, because you won't be able to see your natural color bleeding into your dyed color.

You don't have to part your hair the same way every morning. You have so many options that you can switch it up by wearing a different style every single day of the week. How do you usually part your hair?

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Thanks really helpful post!!

Side partings is more me. I find middle partings too severe on me anyway.

I have done #6 by accident so many times😂

Thelma-to do a zig zag part. I usually start the part with wet hair. Comb the top of your wet hair back, starting where the bangs are, slide your comb to one side the the other like and "x" and repeat all the way back towards the highest point of your head. That's where you want to end.

I usually part my hair in the middle or on the right side. I cannot for the life of me do a zigzag part. Any tips?


Just wot i needed. Thnks!👍🏼👍🏼

Side part cuz I have a fuller face, when my bangs get a little longer I'll try a center part which I adore but in the center does add more volume to your face.

I keep my part to the side as it's the most flattering, I try centre part sometimes but my hair looks so flat! Stick to what you know I say ;)

My hair part is number 6 & it suits my face shape very well!!

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