What Are the Best Bangs for Your Face Shape?


Bangs can make you look like an entirely different person, which is why you should try wearing them at least once in your lifetime. However, you need to be careful to choose the right kind of bangs if you want to flatter your face. After all, different styles will flatter different women, because we're all built uniquely. In order to make sure you get the cutest look possible, here are the best bangs for your face shape:

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Square Shaped Faces

Square Shaped Faces Square faces look best with wispy, eye grazing bangs, especially if they're tapered on the side. You want to avoid cutting them straight across, because you don't want them to look too blunt, because it will only add harshness to your face. The point of your bangs should be to make your square face look softer.


For square face shapes, it's important to select bangs that are softer and wispier. This will help to soften the angles of the face and create a more balanced look. To achieve this, opt for a fringe that is tapered on the sides and eye-grazing, rather than a straight across bang which can appear too harsh. If you have a square face shape, you may also want to consider adding layers to your hair. These can help to create more movement and texture, which can help to soften the angles of your face.


Round Shaped Faces

Round Shaped Faces If you have a round face, you should try the side swept look (but make it choppy). It'll flatter you more than straight across bangs would. Of course, if you really want to wear your bangs straight across, you can. Just don't cut them too high up on your head. It's better for them to graze your eyes.


Heart Shaped Faces

Heart Shaped Faces This is another face shape that benefits from side swept bangs. However, you don't want to style your bangs to look choppy like people with round faces should. Instead, you need to stick to long, swooping bangs that will draw attention to your gorgeous cheekbones.


Heart shaped faces are defined by a wide forehead, high cheekbones, and a narrow chin. This face shape looks great with long, side-swept bangs that draw attention to the cheekbones and soften the forehead. When styling bangs for a heart shaped face, it is important to avoid choppy bangs that can make the forehead look wider. Instead, opt for a softer, swooping style that will frame the face and bring out the best features. For a more dramatic look, try adding a few layers to the bangs to create texture and volume.


Oval Shaped Faces

Oval Shaped Faces All of you ladies with oval faces are about as lucky as it gets. You can pull off absolutely any type of bangs, so just pick whichever style you like the best. There's no way for it to ruin your flawless look, so you can try wearing every single style you see on this list.


Blunt, side-swept, feathery or wispy, the choice is yours, and you are encouraged to experiment with confidence. As someone with an oval face, you're the envy of the hair styling world, with your harmonious proportions serving as the perfect canvas. Imagine changing up your look to match your mood or the seasons! Whether it’s the bold edge of blunt cuts or the soft allure of side sweeps, remember that your oval-shaped blessing lets you do so without fret. Dive into the beauty of bangs, and revel in the versatility of your face shape.


Diamond Shaped Faces

Diamond Shaped Faces There's nothing wrong with showing your forehead when you have a diamond face. That's why you'll look best wearing side bangs. If you have your heart set on straight across bangs, part them to the sides, so that your forehead is still visible.


Side bangs not only accentuate the beautiful angles of a diamond face but also balance the narrow chin and highlight the cheekbones. To soften the overall appearance, opting for wispy or textured bangs can introduce a touch of delicacy. For those who wish to add length to their face, consider long, side-swept bangs that blend seamlessly with layers in your hair. It's the perfect, chic way to enhance your natural face shape while still making a fashion-forward statement. Remember, the key is to choose bangs that flow naturally with your hair's texture and personal style.


Oblong Shaped Faces

Oblong Shaped Faces If you wear your bangs straight across your forehead, make sure that you wear them down to your eyebrows. If you style them too short, then it will pull your face down, which you don't want. Of course, you still have options, because when you don't feel like wearing them straight across, you can part your bangs in the middle, or push your bangs to the side.


Small Foreheads

Small Foreheads If you have a small forehead, you won't have all that much room for your bangs. That's why you'll benefit from tiny, wispy bangs. They won't look too dramatic, but they'll still look stylish.


Large Foreheads

Large Foreheads If you have a large forehead that you wish was smaller, then bangs will be your best friends. Try wearing them straight across your head to give the illusion of having a smaller forehead. Make sure they're long enough to hit your brows, but aren't so long that they cover your beautiful eyes.

You'll never know exactly what you'll look like with bangs until you try them out, so be brave and head to the salon. What's your favorite way to wear your bangs?

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Can anyone tell me who the model is? The cover with the red hair.

I have a square face, and picture #1 is a spitting image of my hair and bangs.

I have a larger forehead and I wear my bangs side swept with a few wisps falling down.

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