These Athletes Show Us How to Wear Our Hair for Sports ...


Sometimes that cute side braid from Pinterest just doesn't get the job done for your soccer, tennis, or running workout - and when it's time to get serious about a hairstyle for when you're working on your fitness, it's all about keeping your hair back and off your face and neck, without looking like a wreck. Let's get some inspo from some butt-kicking female athletes, shall we?

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Venus Williams

Venus Williams Sleek low-bun and visor: the perfect combination for any athlete who's got to keep the sun out of her eyes, but who won't be doing any distance running.


Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe Short and sweet, with maybe a small headband to keep it in place, this style is ideal for soccer players (obviously). Her style is pixie-perfect!


Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan Alex occasionally braids her bangs back into a ponytail, but she usually wears the ponytail-with-elastic-headband to keep her hair out of her eyes and her focus on the ball.


Jessica Ennis-Hill

Jessica Ennis-Hill A sleek low ponytail is perfect for a runner, with or without a headband to keep wispy fringe pieces out of your eyes.


Nicola Adams

Nicola Adams This boxer keeps her hair out of play by braiding it back. Smart move!


Mo'ne Davis

Mo'ne Davis If your sport comes with headwear (like, say, a baseball cap for baseball), make sure your style can be worn with it, comfortably.


Laura Trott

Laura Trott Laura keeps her hair away from her face with two braids. It might not make sense for a runner or soccer player, but for a cyclist, it's perfect!

Can you share some other workout hair ideas/inspo?

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These are ugly

Anyone who plays soccer should know Alex isn't wearing a headband, but pre-wrap

@addrianaxoxo your hair isn't supposed to look pretty when ur playing sports. These are just some decent ways to put ur hair up not to get it in the way. Lol

I love Alex Morgan, and those last ones braids are perfect for working out.

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