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7 Revolutionary Every Day Hair Tips for Girls with Curly Hair ...

By Melissa

We can all agree that nothing is more stunning than a wild mane of luscious curls. I’m not talking about those soft curls you get from sleeping with a sock in your hair or from spending quality time with your curling iron. I am talking about a mane of natural, untameable curls from Mother Nature. Of course, every curly girl is looking for fresh new hair tips to add cuteness to those locks.

1 Throw Your Brush Away

If you've got curls, the worst thing you can do is brush them. Brushing leaves you with a bush of frizz. If you thought your curls were untameable before, you should see them after a good brushing.

2 Invest in a Wide Tooth Comb

Instead of brushing, you should be combing your hair in the shower with a wide tooth comb. I do this after I have used conditioner on my hair. It helps moves the conditioner through the length of my hair and gets rid of any tangles.

3 Stop Touching It!

Let your curls dry on their own. Give your hair a few scrunches after you shower when you put product in, but after that keep your hands off. Touching your curly hair while it dries will leave you with frizz. We all know frizz is not cute.

4 Skip the Poo!

I know you think I am crazy now! The truth is curly hair needs conditioner more than it needs shampoo. Curls look best with lots of moisturizer and shampoo can rob your hair and scalp of its natural oils. You can still get a good clean with conditioner. I just massage my scalp with conditioner the same why I would shampoo. I haven’t thrown out the poo completely. I still use a good quality shampoo every other wash.

5 Wash Less

Speaking of washing your hair, save some time and water by washing your hair less often. This goes back to curls needing natural oils. Keep your curls looking cute by skipping a day or two between cleanings. Some curly girls have built up a tolerance and can go four to five days before they need a wash. How often do you wash your hair?

6 Alcohol Free Products

I use a hair gel that is alcohol free. I find products with alcohol can be very drying on my curls. If your curls feel dry, you may want to check your hair product ingredients and try a switch.

7 Straighten Less

I once went several months without straightening my curls. I can’t explain why, but I started to see improvements in the shape of my curls. They seemed to have more bounce and volume. If you think your curls are looking a little sad, I challenge you to put away the straightener for eight weeks and give them some good T.L.C. Be sure to take a before picture so you can see the changes at the end of your challenge.

Who else has curly hair? What are some of your curly hair secrets that you can share with us?

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