7 Effortless Hairstyles πŸ’‡ for Girls Who Love Their Trendy πŸ”₯ Baseball Cap ⚾️ ...

Maybe you're wearing a hat to cover up your bed head. Maybe you're wearing it, because you think it looks adorable. Either way, you don't have to keep your hair down when you have a hat on. There are plenty of hairstyles that you can pair with a hat, and these are the most adorable ones:

1. Curls, Pigtails, and Braids

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This tutorial shows you how to create four different hairstyles, all of which look super cute when you're wearing a beanie. The first one involves curling your hair, the second involves creating pigtails, the third involves a braided side ponytail, and the last involves looped pigtails. They're all equally adorable, so you can take your pick!

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