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7 Fall Hairstyles You Can Wear with a Scarf ...

By Holly

Even if you're planning on spending all of autumn inside of a classroom, you need some special hairstyles in order to celebrate the season. Even though most people associate heavy scarves with winter and fashion scarves with summer, fall is actually the perfect time to wear a scarf. Of course, you shouldn't place it around your neck just yet. For now, it should remain in your hair. If that idea interests you, here are a few of the prettiest fall hairstyles that you can wear with a scarf:

1 Scarf Updo

This look is a perfect fit for the season. All you have to do is put your hair into a ponytail and then twist it all together. Then you should place all of that hair on the top of your head, and bobby pin it all into place. After that, you just need to add a scarf!

2 Scarf Braids

Are you sick of boring, bland braids? Then you should skip ahead to 2:05 in this tutorial to see how to incorporate your scarf into your braid. All you have to do is weave your hair together with that scarf and you'll have a look that everyone will go crazy over.

3 Boho Head Scarf

Fall is the perfect season for looking bohemian. The woman in this tutorial will show you how to create a few different looks fit for autumn, but the best part is that they all involve leaving your hair down. The only way that the hairstyle changes is by wearing your scarf in different positions.

4 Pin-up Hair with a Scar

You can create pin-up hair without looking like Rosie the Riveter, so don't you worry. As long as you wear a modern outfit and a different colored scarf, no one will know which celebrity inspired your look.

5 Head Wrap Scarf

For this style, all you have to do is put your hair up into a bun on the top of your head. Then you should grab your scarf and wrap it around the top of your bun, and just tie the two ends together. If you're wearing a super long scarf, then you can twist the remaining pieces of your scarf together and wrap it around your scarf bun as many times as you need to.

6 Bun with a Scarf

If you're attending a special even this season, you can create a bun with a twist. Start by putting your hair into a high ponytail. Then you can braid your hair while incorporating your scarf into the mix. Once you're finished, you can twist that ponytail into a beautiful bun.

7 Side Ponytail with a Scarf

You should start creating this look by curling your hair. Once you're finished with your curling iron, you can place all of your hair into a simple side ponytail. After that, you should grab your scarf and wrap it around your head, making sure that it goes beneath your ponytail holder. Tie it to your hair and you're all finished!

It doesn't matter if you intend on spending the entire season inside of a classroom or at work, because these hairstyles will work for any occasion. As long as you have a scarf that's ready to be used, you shouldn't have any problem putting these looks together. Which one of these hairstyles are you dying to try out first?

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