Monday Morning Hairstyles That Are Simple and Sweet ...


Monday Morning Hairstyles That Are Simple and Sweet ...
Monday Morning Hairstyles That Are Simple and Sweet ...

No one looks forward to the start of the week. Since you're going to have trouble climbing out of bed on Monday, it helps to have easy hairstyles that will make you look sweet, but won't take up much of your time. After all, you won't be in the mood for making elaborate braids and buns. Here are a few Monday morning hairstyles that are simple and sweet:

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Headbands and Half-up Half-down Buns

Zoella knows what she's talking about when it comes to beauty, so it makes sense to listen to her advice. In this video, she explains how to create four different quick and easy hairstyles. The first style is a braid within a braid. The next is a half-up half-down bun. The next requires putting on a headband and tucking your hair into it. And the final look involves a ponytail and a bandana.


Four Types of Braids

All four hairstyles in this video involve braiding your hair. All you're going to need to complete the looks are a brush, a few bobby pins, and a hairband. The styles that you'll learn involve braiding your high ponytail, placing a braid around your bun, braiding your bangs, and making a crown braid.


More Braids and Buns

These three hairstyles are super cute and super easy. The first one requires you to twist your hair to the left, separate a small section of hair, and wrap it around the larger section of hair. The next involves creating a miniature bun on the top of your head. The last involves making a braid that wraps around your head, similar to the look in the previous video.


Low Ponytail and Low Bun

In this video, you'll learn how to create a braid, how to create a low bun, and how to create a low ponytail. All you'll need to create these looks are a few bobby pins, a hairband, and maybe even a headband. They're so easy that you could create them in the school bathroom once you get the hang of them.


Bubble Pony and Chinese Staircase

This video will show you how to create a few unique hairstyles you're not used to seeing around. The best part about them? They're all meant to be worn in autumn! The woman in the video shows you how to create a Chinese staircase braid, a braided side pony, a bubble ponytail, a braided headband, and a detailed top knot.


Short Hairstyles

If you have short hair, then it can be hard to create the rest of the styles on this list. That's why this video is meant just for you! It shows you how to create several hairstyles that are built for women with your length of hair, which means you won't have any trouble copying the looks.


Curly Hairstyles

All of you ladies with curly hair shouldn't feel left out. This video will show you how to create five easy hairstyles with your curly hair, none of which involves straightening it. After all, you should embrace your natural look!

These hairstyles will make you look like you're ready to take on the week, even if you'd rather be back home in bed. Which one of these hairstyles would you love to try creating first?

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It's not Monday and I have my hair just like the first girl. My bangs braided to the side. My bangs aren't that long so I divide them in half and clip on a hair extension& it braids beautifully.

Love the curly hair video👌🏻 much needed!

Your already beautiful

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