Monday Morning Hairstyles That Are Simple and Sweet ...

No one looks forward to the start of the week. Since you're going to have trouble climbing out of bed on Monday, it helps to have easy hairstyles that will make you look sweet, but won't take up much of your time. After all, you won't be in the mood for making elaborate braids and buns. Here are a few Monday morning hairstyles that are simple and sweet:

1. Headbands and Half-up Half-down Buns

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Zoella knows what she's talking about when it comes to beauty, so it makes sense to listen to her advice. In this video, she explains how to create four different quick and easy hairstyles. The first style is a braid within a braid. The next is a half-up half-down bun. The next requires putting on a headband and tucking your hair into it. And the final look involves a ponytail and a bandana.

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