Grab a Headband to Create These Sexy Hairstyles ...


You probably wore a lot of headbands as a kid. However, you can still make them look fashionable as an adult. You just have to figure out the right way to wear them. If you're not sure how you should style them, grab your favorite headband and get ready to create these adorable hairstyles:

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DIY Headband

If you don't own any headbands, you don't have to worry. This tutorial actually shows you how to create your own cute headband. After you finish your DIY project, then you can place your new accessory in your hair and give yourself adorable curls. It's the perfect look for a party, for school, or for work.


Layered Headband Look

This hairstyle takes a little bit of work. You're going to start by creating two different braids in your hair that will go across the top of your head. Then you're going to take two identical headbands and place one in front of the first braid and one in between the first and second braid. That way, you'll create a layered headband look.


2 Minute Hair Tuck

The first step in creating this hairstyle is to actually put a headband on your head. Once you do so, you should pull back different pieces of your hair and tuck it behind your headband in order to cover the strap of it. When you're finished, you should have all of your hair tucked into your headband to create a unique style.


Floral Headbands

If you're going to wear a flower headband, you want the style to fit the feminine theme. This video will show you how to create five different hairstyles that look fresh and fabulous with a floral headband. The first involves a braid, the second involves a side bun, the third involves a ponytail, and the last two involve beautiful waves.


Natural Hair

If you have natural hair, you don't have to stay away from headbands. In fact, your hair can look amazing in them! This tutorial will show you how to wear a headband with an afro, a side frohawk, and a halo hawk. It'll be hard to choose between the styles, because they're equally adorable.


Stretch Headbands

You don't have to wear headbands in your hair. You can grab a stretch headband and place it over your forehead. If you've never worn the look before, this tutorial will show you how to create five different hairstyles with a stretch headband. The looks include the bohemian style, the traditional headband style, the halo style, the half-up half-down look, and the formal updo.


5 More Headband Hairstyles

Here are five more hairstyles that you can wear with your favorite headbands. They're great ways to keep your hair out of your face. The woman in the tutorial will show you how to create a half-up look, a fishtail side braid, a messy bun, a side ponytail, and a sleek ponytail. With all of those options, you'll never go a day without having a new hairstyle to wear.

All you need is a headband and a little bit of time in order to make yourself look sweet and sexy, so what are you waiting for? Which one of these hairstyles do you like the best?

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I like the 1st head band she made. The white with the rhinestones. So pretty to wear to a wedding or a night out. I would do one in black too. BUT, by the time you bought all the products, it might be cheaper to buy a headband already made. Charming Charlie's usually has some deals in their clearance section with fancy necklaces that they couldn't sell for $5/6. And you can find blank head bands at the dollar store or hobby lobby. Is there any other ideas to making your own headband? I'll have to you tube it!😊

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