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Hairstyles That'll Make You Look Older than Your Age ...

By Eliza

There are times when looking a little bit older can come in handy. However, for most of us, we’re avoiding looking older than we are. What you may not know is that certain hairstyles can really age you. When you know what they are, you can effectively avoid them so you can hang on to your youthful style as long as possible. Unless you want to look older, these are hairstyles that should definitely be on your “never” list.

1 Anything Super Stiff Can Age You

Hairstyles that are sprayed within an inch of your life will give you a few years. The soft, natural hair that young women these days prefer will take years off. I’m talking about complicated styles that are moussed and gelled into place and that could withstand hurricane force winds. I’m thinking Barbara Walters here. She’s beautiful, but there’s no mistaking her for a young lady.

2 A French Twist is Never for the Young

This look makes me think of high society ladies from yesteryear. The French Twist was once very stylish and fashionable, but it hasn’t lingered, which means that the younger crowd doesn’t choose the ‘do all that often. While it is super sophisticated and elegant, just know that putting your hair into a twist will make you look older than you are. If you love the French Twist, make it a bit more modern by letting some hair fall around your face.

3 Super Straight Strands Are so Yesterday

Blow outs and stick straight hair have sort fell out of fashion. You’ll still see women devoted to the look, but many of them are older than you are. The latest hair trends call for soft, flowing hair and natural waves or curls. This is great because all the heat styling will really do a number on your strands. Not to mention aging you more than you’d probably like.

4 The Center Part Just Doesn’t Work for Young Ladies

I imagine that most people think back to the 60s and 70s when they think about the center part hairstyle. This look will make you look way older than you are. Experts say it’s because the center part tends to drag your face down, which can add several years to your look. A side part is much more modern and can keep you looking young for a lifetime.

5 A Severe Bun is Never a Good Idea if You Want to Look Young

A bun can be really cute and give you a youngish vibe, but not if it’s super sleek and slicked back. If you do a bun, it should be loose and wispy. A severely pulled back bun places all the emphasis on your face with nothing to soften things out. That means that whatever wrinkles, smudged makeup or age spots you have will be on full display.

6 Tight Ringlets Look Super Outdated

I can remember when tight ringlets all over the head was in vogue. Now it will just age you by letting others know that you were doing the look when it was trendy. This is true even if you weren’t. Outdated styles are never a good choice unless they are gaining in popularity again. Stay away from tight ringlets and go with soft, loose curls instead.

7 Half Back Makes You Look like You’re Trying to Hard

While pinning your hair half back in a ponytail is easy and polished, experts say it might make others think you’re trying too hard to look young. You can still pull off this style, but hairstylists say it’s imperative to avoid the dated “bump” on top and to incorporate a part to give you a sophisticated, but not old lady flair. Use small bobby pins to hold it back, not big, bright barrettes.

What hairstyle do you love best? Do you think it makes you look older than you are?

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