7 Rainy Day Hairstyles That'll Stay in Place ...


Don't you hate when it's raining, but you have to step outside to walk to class or to drive to work? Well, you don't have to rely on your umbrella to protect your hair, because you can create rainy day hairstyles that won't get ruined even after they get wet. It's not too good to be true, because the list of rainy day hairstyles that'll stay in place is right here:

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Buns and Braids

This video will show you how to create four fabulous rainy day hairstyles. Three of them are gorgeous buns that will stay in place all day long, and the other is a gorgeous braid that you're bound to get compliments on. Whichever style you choose will keep you looking lovely, even in the heavy rain.


Pigtails and a Topknot

This video will show you three more hairstyles meant for rainy days. The first look involves taking two pieces of hair from either side of your face and pushing it back, so that your hair isn't completely down. The second look involves creating mature looking, braided pigtails that look adorable with any hat. The last look involves putting your hair up in a topknot and throwing on a headband.


Rainy Day Looks for Natural Hair

If you have natural hair, here are a few rainy day hairstyles for you. You can pull your hair back into a low bun and wear an adorable beanie that only allows your bangs to peek out. You can grab a bandana and twist it at the back, once again leaving out your bangs. Or you could put your hair in a tiny bun and then accessorize with a simple headband or bandana.


Hairstyles Fit for Wet or Dry Hair

Here are a few hairstyles that look amazing, whether your hair is wet or dry. The first is the twist and tuck, which only requires a headband, but will make you look like a greek goddess. The next is a braided hairstyle that'll make you look bohemian. The last is an chignon, which will make you look classy and sleek.


Rainy Day Buns

This video gives you three more hairstyles you can rock on rainy days. The first involves placing your hair into a simple low bun with bobby pins. The second involves creating an elegant bun with braids leading into it. The last involves creating the fanciest messy bun that you'll ever see.


Rainy and Humid Hairstyles

Here are a few hairstyles that are not only perfect for rainy days, but also for humid days. Basically, they'll help you out whenever the weather is working against your hair. This video will show you how to create six different hairstyles, all of which will keep you looking lovely.


Two More Buns

As you've already learned, buns are your best option for rainy days. That's why you should try creating these two simple buns. Don't worry about your hair looking too plain, because you always have the opportunity to accessorize. Do whatever makes you look and feel your best.

Your hair doesn't have to look like a mess, just because the weather is a mess. As long as you create one of these adorable hairstyles, you won't have to worry about the rain ruining your look. What hairstyle do you usually use when it's raining?

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I usually wear hats when it rains I'm a mommy quick hairstyle my go to

Why dont u wear a beanie its cute and quick

Good idea Cara beanies look adorable!

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