23 Mesmerizing Photos of Mermaid Hair ...

By Jennifer

I want mermaid hair! I know it's fall, but why not? I'm totally mesmerized by the lush waves and the fun colors, and you will be too... have a look...

1 Green Girl

Green Girl Source: Best Green Blue Ombre Hair

2 Green + Blue

Green + Blue Source: Blue Ombre Hair Dye MOJITO

3 Blonde to Green to Blue

Blonde to Green to Blue Source: 16 Amazing Colored Hairstyles

4 Palest of Greens

Palest of Greens Source: DIY Hair: Five Gorgeous Pastel

5 Purple and Blue

Purple and Blue Source: DIY Hair: 10 Ways to

6 With a Floral Crown

With a Floral Crown Source: 12 Ways to Style Your

7 Granny to Green

Granny to Green Source: How to Dip Dye Your

8 Blue Updo

Blue Updo Source: FΛSHION FEVER

9 Bluest Blue

Bluest Blue Source: Blue Ombre Hair Dye Kit

10 Mermaid Bob

Mermaid Bob Source: TRANSFORMATION: Pretty and Fun Dimension

11 Blue Braid

Blue Braid Source: How to grow hair longer

12 Sea Foam + Grey

Sea Foam + Grey Source: 20 Unexpected Uses For Ordinary

13 Grey-Blue

Grey-Blue Source: How to Dye Your Hair
Possibly photoshopped but I love it anyway.

14 Ariel-worthy Rosettes

Ariel-worthy Rosettes Source: kerli.buzznet.com

15 Green Tips

Green Tips Source: lovelydyedlocks.tumblr.com

16 Teal

Teal Source: Brown Hair With Highlights –

17 Pastel Green with a Starfish!

Pastel Green with a Starfish! Source: Instagram Insta-Glam: Textured Hair Perfect

18 Dinglehopper!

Dinglehopper! Source: Little Mermaid-Themed Wedding For Your

19 Pale Blue

Pale Blue Source: Blue Hair

20 Green Waves

Green Waves Source: FROZEN Mint Green Hair Dye

21 Pretty Purple

Pretty Purple Source: 30 Sumptuous Side Hairstyles For

22 Bright Purple

Bright Purple Source: Unavailable Listing on Etsy

23 That Chain, Though

That Chain, Though Source: Community Post: The 7 Coolest

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