23 Mesmerizing Photos of Mermaid Hair ...


I want mermaid hair! I know it's fall, but why not? I'm totally mesmerized by the lush waves and the fun colors, and you will be too... have a look...

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Green Girl

Green Girl Source: Best Green Blue Ombre Hair


Green + Blue

Green + Blue Source: Blue Ombre Hair Dye MOJITO


Blonde to Green to Blue

Blonde to Green to Blue Source: 16 Amazing Colored Hairstyles


Palest of Greens

Palest of Greens Source: DIY Hair: Five Gorgeous Pastel


Purple and Blue

Purple and Blue Source: DIY Hair: 10 Ways to


With a Floral Crown

With a Floral Crown Source: 12 Ways to Style Your


Granny to Green

Granny to Green Source: How to Dip Dye Your


Blue Updo

Blue Updo Source: FΛSHION FEVER


Bluest Blue

Bluest Blue Source: Blue Ombre Hair Dye Kit


Mermaid Bob

Mermaid Bob Source: TRANSFORMATION: Pretty and Fun Dimension


Blue Braid

Blue Braid Source: How to grow hair longer


Sea Foam + Grey

Sea Foam + Grey Source: 20 Unexpected Uses For Ordinary



Grey-Blue Source: How to Dye Your Hair
Possibly photoshopped but I love it anyway.


Ariel-worthy Rosettes

Ariel-worthy Rosettes Source: kerli.buzznet.com


Green Tips

Green Tips Source: lovelydyedlocks.tumblr.com



Teal Source: Brown Hair With Highlights –


Pastel Green with a Starfish!

Pastel Green with a Starfish! Source: Instagram Insta-Glam: Textured Hair Perfect



Dinglehopper! Source: Little Mermaid-Themed Wedding For Your


Pale Blue

Pale Blue Source: Blue Hair


Green Waves

Green Waves Source: FROZEN Mint Green Hair Dye


Pretty Purple

Pretty Purple Source: 30 Sumptuous Side Hairstyles For


Bright Purple

Bright Purple Source: Unavailable Listing on Etsy


That Chain, Though

That Chain, Though Source: Community Post: The 7 Coolest

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My hair is blue because I like the color blue. I'm not even "expressing myself". It's as simple as that.

Half of these are photoshopped :( wish you would use real colored hair photos. I've had rainbow color hair for almost 15 years now. It's not because I'm an "outcast", its because I love the beautiful colors and I want it

I doubt any of those beautiful women are "outcasts." I'm kind of an outcast, but I have brown hair and certainly don't want attention. Please don't be so judgmental. I think they're all lovely, even though I wouldn't do them!

Or to express themselves

These are amazing! And girls don't do this for 'attention' Wendy, they just love the colors. One of my best friend wants to do stripes in her hair and she's far from an outcast. She's so friendly that she's almost always immediately welcomed to basically any group of people. So stop judging, gosh! I would do these and I'm no outcast!

I have blue hair because I like crazy colored hair. That doesn't mean I'm an outcast though.

I think it's beautiful to express yourself, whether it be changing your hair color, tattooing, or piercing. As long as you're being true to yourself! :)

Love em.

I love #2

Photoshopped or not they are beautiful!

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