The Lob - is This Hot Hairstyle Right for You?


The Lob may be the hottest hairstyle of 2015. It’s everywhere. Celebrities are sporting it and you’re probably seeing it show up in class, at the mall and many other places. In case you’ve totally missed this, the Lob is a long bob; instead of ending at your chin, it ends at your collarbone. These’re 7 signs that the Lob is right for you.

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It’s on Trend

It’s on Trend The Lob is definitely on trend. In fact, you’re probably not going to get any trendier in a cut than this one. If you’re a girl that likes to be on the up and up when it comes to hair then this cut’s for you. If you’re still feeling unsure about how popular this cut is then ask your hairdresser. They’re likely to say that this’s their most requested cut.


It Works for All Hair Textures

It Works for All Hair Textures Another factor in favor of choosing the Lob is that it works for all hair textures. You can choose it whether you have curly or straight hair. It works for thin hair much better than longer hairstyles. If you have trouble growing your hair into a long length then this’s a good compromise for you. It’s also just as wearable for girls with thick hair.


It’s a Blunt Cut

It’s a Blunt Cut If blunt cuts work well for you then you’ll love the Lob. My hair always does best when cut in a blunt cut. It seems like there’s less breakage in this type of cut. The layers of the lob soften the blunt cut up and give it movement. If you’re not sure about if your hair would work well in this type of cut then ask your hairdresser their opinion.


It’s Easy Upkeep

It’s Easy Upkeep Lobs need upkeep but you needn’t visit your salon every 6 weeks. You can stretch that to 8, 10 or even 12 weeks before you need a trim. It’s such an easy hairstyle to wear that the small amount of unevenness that develops between appointments is practically unnoticeable. In fact, if you’re tired of visiting the salon every time you turn around then that’s another reason to consider the Lob. It’s not a high maintenance cut.


It Can Work for Any Face Shape

It Can Work for Any Face Shape Lobs work on everyone. There’s no specific face shape that does best with this cut. It works just was well on round and oval faces as it does on heart and square shaped faces. The only thing is that you may need to mix up your part according to your face shape. If you aren’t sure what part works best for your face shape then this guide by can offer you some great pointers.


It’s Easy to Style

It’s Easy to Style The Lob is exceptionally easy to style. You can welcome your natural curl or wear it sleek and straight. You can also throw in some hot rollers for a more retro look. Hair tends to fall in a lovely way when you have this cut. It has layers that almost always lay beautifully.


This Medium Length is the Best of Both Worlds

This Medium Length is the Best of Both Worlds The Lob is the perfect length which is why it’s so popular. It’s short enough that it’s easy to keep healthy and long enough to allow you to wear it up. It’s the best of both worlds. It’s universally flattering and can be worn by women of a wide age range. It’s a haircut that’s close to perfect.

These’re 7 reason the Lob might be right for you. Have you been thinking about choosing the Lob? What do you love about this haircut?

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I'm going for this style ...

It looks nice on other people but not for me. I don't like short hair on me, the longer the better!

My hair stylist gave me a Lob cut after wearing my hair long for years. People told me I looked 15-20 years younger. And it's so easy to style. Of course my stylist is the best ever!! Thanks Michael!

I love when you get an amazing cut from your hair stylist! It makes you look and feel so good. Lobs look good on almost anyone!

Lol #6 is damn funny 😂😂😂


12 years I always have long hair. I would like to try lob cut for new year and that's next year.

I have no idea what the name of my hair style is.

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