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Two-Toned Hair Color Looks You'd Die to Try ...

By Leena

Crazy hair is in. Cool colors, fun styles and non-traditional looks are all the rage. One look that I'm really diggin' these days is the two-toned color look. Whether natural colors are used, or funky brights, check out these awesome two-toned looks that are to "dye" for!

1 Silver & Gold

Silver & GoldThis super funky look is fabulous because it's natural with a pop of rocker girl chic. It plays into the gray hair trend, which complements the beauty's golden locks but doesn't overdo the two-toned style.

2 Two-Toned Turquoise

Two-Toned TurquoiseFew women can pull off blue hair without coming across as juvenile and clownish. But I love the way this girl combines white and blue. The turquoise hue is used in moderation, and the bleached top section of hair balances it out nicely.

3 Bleached & Brown

Bleached & BrownThis look is b-b-b-bad to the bone! It's sassy but classy and creates a dramatic effect with the small section of bleached hair in the front. I would totally rock this look if I could pull it off!

4 Super "Kool" Brights

Super "Kool" BrightsFor some reason, this two-toned look reminds me of Kool-aid. It must be the fun, vibrant colors. The look is totally unnatural, but it's great for a girl who's young and free-spirited.

5 Fierce & Fiery

Fierce & FieryOoh, that fiery red color peeking out from underneath is cool! It's mysterious and looks really, really good with the natural dark color. It doesn't hurt that the girl's locks are long and voluminous. This look is mesmerizing, I want to keep staring at it!

6 All Mixed up

All Mixed upThere's blonde. There's brown. There's a little bit of both with this look. What I like about this two-toned style is how it is "mixed" into the hair, and looks natural, yet still funky. I love how the long curls have the ombre thing going on.

7 Half & Half

Half & HalfThis "side by side" two-toned look is wild. It's like one side of her hair is sweet, and the other half is sassy. From one side, she's a blonde, and from the other, she's a brunette. This is Jekyll and Hyde in follicle form!

I think I need to get aboard the two-toned hair train before it leaves the station. I'm so inspired by these creative looks. Have you rocked the two-toned look this year?

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