Look like a New Woman with These Faux Hairstyles ...


Look like a New Woman with These Faux Hairstyles ...
Look like a New Woman with These Faux Hairstyles ...

When you get sick of your hair, you don't have to head to the salon to chop it all off. You can play around with faux hairstyles in order to look completely different without actually making a permanent change to your appearance. That way, you won't end up regretting your decision the next morning, but you'll still get to feel like a changed woman. If you're in the mood to experiment, here are a few faux hairstyles you can try today:

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Faux Side Shave

If you want to look badass and edgy, then you can create the illusion that you've shaved the side of your head. It seems like an elaborate process, but it's actually pretty easy to pull off. All you have to do is section your hair, twist a few pieces back, and pin them into place. Then you can style the rest of your hair however you'd like.


Faux Bangs

If you love the look of bangs, but don't actually want to take scissors to your hair, then you can create faux bangs. All you really have to do is create a unique type of ponytail that will give you the illusion of having those beautiful bangs you've always dreamed of having.


Faux Bob

If you've always wondered if you'd look better with a bob, then you can try this faux hairstyle to test out the look. You're basically going to pin the bottom of your hair up behind your head, so that it's unable to be seen. That's all it takes!


Faux Blowout

If you don't want to waste money at the hair salon, you can give yourself a faux blowout at home. Start by using mousse to add volume to your roots, then part your hair on the opposite side than you normally do and blow-dry your hair in that direction. After you do that, you should blow-dry the rest of your hair while it's flipped over your head. Lastly, you should use a flat iron to complete the blowout look.


Faux Bangs for Curly Hair

Here's another tutorial that will show you how to create faux bangs. However, this time, it's aimed at women with short, curly hair. You're basically going to grab sections from the very front your hair and bobby pin them down to create the look you're going for.


Faux Mohawk

It doesn't matter if your hair is long or short, because this tutorial will show you how to create a faux mohawk. Don't worry, because you won't have to cut off any of your hair in order to do it. You're just going to place different areas of your hair into ponytails and then wrap them into a unique type of bun.


Faux Fishtail Braid

If you fail whenever you try to create a fishtail braid, then you'll love this faux style. As long as you know how to do a regular, three-piece braid, then you'll be able to create this copycat look without a problem.

Faux hairstyles are so much fun, because they give you the opportunity to look and feel like an entirely new woman. It's a great alternative to heading to the hair salon to chop off your beautiful locks. What's your favorite faux hairstyle to wear?

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