Hair to Rock at a Pool Party ...


Hair to Rock at a Pool Party ...
Hair to Rock at a Pool Party ...

If you're going to a pool party you're sure to have a good time - but you also want to look good. But how can you style your hair when you're jumping in and out of the pool? Won't it just end up a dripping mess? Not if you pick the right style! So these are the styles that will make you look cool at a pool party …

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High Messy Bun

High Messy Bun If you've got longer hair, then this is a great style for a pool party. It'll keep your hair out of the way, while still embodying the casual poolside vibe. The messier the better, so don't worry about tucking in all the ends. Just pull into a loose, high ponytail and pile into a thick, loose bun, fixing the ends with grips.


Loose Beach Waves

Loose Beach Waves Don't save beach waves for the beach; they make the perfect poolside style as well. Simply divide your hair into sections, twisting each one, and spray with a salt spray. Leave until dry, then unwind. For best results, leave your hair in twists overnight; the next day you'll look like you've come straight from the beach! A trilby or fedora looks ace with this style, and will protect you from the sun.


Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid A fishtail braid is another great style for the pool, since it looks just as good casual as it does in a smart outfit. You can let loose strands fly out of your braid for that relaxed look; if there aren't any when you've finished doing your plait, just pull some out. For extra poolside style, wrap a bandanna around your head.


Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail If a full plait is too formal for your liking, go for a braided ponytail instead. Simply part your hair on one side, and braid the longer section at the front, then pull into a ponytail. Styling your hair in a cross between a braid and a ponytail gives it a fun, casual look that's ideal for a pool party.


High Ponytail

High Ponytail A high ponytail is a great look for a pool party, but you want to style it so that it doesn't look like you just scraped your hair back! The trick is to give the front section a little height by fixing it with pins or backcombing before pulling into a band. Wrap a section around the band to disguise it.


To add some flair to your high ponytail, consider curling the ends with a curling iron or wand for bouncy, beachy waves. This can soften the look for a more feminine touch and add movement to your hair as you enjoy the poolside festivities. Tip: make sure your hair is dry before curling to prevent damage from the heat. Additionally, a spritz of sea salt spray can enhance the natural texture and provide that laid-back but polished vibe perfect for any pool party.


Slicked Back

Slicked Back For shorter hair, a slicked back style is a simple way to wear your hair for a pool party. It's so easy to do, and won't get messed up if you decide to swim! Just use a little product to smooth your hair back and it should stay in place. If you want to add some sass to your slicked back style, pop on a narrow hair band.


Low Chignon

Low Chignon If you want to lounge elegantly by the pool, fix your hair into a low chignon. Make sure there are no loose strands flying free! For that Grace Kelly look, tie a wide scarf around your head in the style of a headband, or wrap it round the bun. This look would look especially stylish with a classic one-piece swimsuit and a wide-brimmed hat to protect your head from the sun.

What are the essential ingredients for a pool party (aside from a pool!)?

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Still working on the fishtail not as easy as it look :-/

On my hair fishtail sucks

#1 I love it It works TRY IT NOWWW

Going at a pool party tomorrow.....saw this now! Thanks a lot!

Going to a pool party in 30 mins #1 is so fast and easy i love it!

I can't do a fishtail either my friends can and they make it look so easy 😐

I love fish tail it is so pretty!!

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