7 Hair Tutorials for Styling Your Pixie Cut ...


7 Hair Tutorials for Styling Your Pixie Cut ...
7 Hair Tutorials for Styling Your Pixie Cut ...

Long haired ladies aren't the only ones with style options. Even if your hair is chopped into a pixie cut, you can wear it in a few different ways. You just have to get a bit creative, because you don't have all that much to work with. If you've been rocking a sexy pixie cut, here are a few different ways for you to wear your hair today:

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Wavy Hair

You don't have to leave your hair straight in order to make your pixie cut look perfect. You can create curls by sectioning off your hair and then using a straightener to twist each piece. That way, you'll get soft waves that flatter your face instead of super tight curls that can appear awkward.


Pixie cuts can be a great way to give yourself a stylish, low-maintenance look. But if you want to switch things up and add some extra flair to your style, you can use some simple techniques to create a variety of looks. For example, you can create wavy hair with your pixie cut with just a few simple steps.

First, section off your hair and then use a straightener to twist each piece. This will create soft waves that flatter your face shape. You can also use a curling iron to create tighter curls. Be sure to use a heat protectant spray before you start styling to prevent heat damage.

If you want to add some texture to your pixie cut, you can use a sea salt spray or a texturizing spray. These sprays will help to create a tousled, beachy look. You can also use a light hairspray to help hold the style in place.


Punk Hair

This is another style that requires a hair straightener. All you have to do is use the flat iron to make your hair point straight up in the air, and then hold it in place with a comb until the pieces cool down. Once you finish all the pieces, you can place some product in your hair in order to keep everything in place.


French Twist

This is an adorable style that'll make you look sweet and innocent. Even though it looks like you're creating an actual french braid, you're really only twisting your hair. Start by grabbing two pieces of hair from the top of your scalp and then twist them together. Then you should add more hair and twist again. Keep on going unit you're finished with this special style.


Faux Hawk

This is the simplest style that you could ever create with a pixie cut. All you really have to do is blow dry your hair up and against the grain. Then you're going to place product in your hair to keep the style in place. That's really all you have to do!


The Faux Hawk is a great way to style a pixie cut. It is a simple style that can be achieved by blow drying the hair up and against the grain and using a styling product to hold the look in place. The Faux Hawk is a great way to add some volume and texture to a pixie cut and is perfect for those who want a fun and edgy look. It can be dressed up or down and is an easy style to maintain. The Faux Hawk is an ideal style for those who want to make a statement with their hair.



The first step to creating a pompadour is to grab a brush to tease your hair in order to give your hair volume. Then you can place some hairspray in your hair in order to keep the style in place. After that, you should twist your hair and then pin it back.


Teasing is just the beginning; once you've achieved the desired volume, grab a section of your hair from the front and start backcombing gently. This will help the pompadour maintain its shape. Remember to smooth over the top lightly with your brush to conceal the teased area for a polished look. For added definition and hold, you may want to warm a dab of pomade between your palms and work it through the hair. Sculpt the pompadour by pushing the hair up and back. Use bobby pins to secure any loose strands, ensuring your trendy pixie pompadour stays flawless throughout the day.

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Start by creating a little bump right over your forehead by flipping pieces of your hair up and securing each strand with bobby pins. Then you should grab a bandana and place it around you hair, covering up all of those bobby pins. Finish by applying some hairspray and then going out on the town to show off your new look!


Six More Ways

If you're not happy with any of the styles on this list, then here's a video with six more styles for you to test out. The woman in the tutorial will show you how to create a messy forward look, a blown back look, a blown back look with bangs, a beanie look, a faux hawk, and a mad scientist look. With all of the choices she gives you, you're bound to fall in love with at least one of them.

You're not limited to one hairstyle, just because your hair is short. You still have plenty of options. How do you usually style your pixie cut?

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