Rainbow Braids That Will Make You Want to Dye Your Hair Today ...


Just when you thought braids couldn't get any cooler, along comes the rainbow braid. Now if this isn't enough to make you want to get your hair colored, I don't know what is. I'm kinda thinking I'd like to make a salon appointment after seeing this. Check out these out of this world rainbow braids and you'll see what I mean.

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Rainbow Hair Just Begs to Be Braided

hair,color,hairstyle,hair coloring,long hair, Source: Hot on Beauty (@hotonbeauty) •


Colorful Rainbow Dip Dye

color,woman,beauty,art,dress, Source: beautyhigh.com


Braid down the Side

hair,clothing,hairstyle,hair coloring,long hair, Source: 16 Insanely Gorgeous Rainbow Hair


Rainbow French Braid

color,hair,green,thread,art, Source: Natural/Organic Conditioner


Falling down Your Back

pink,hair,clothing,purple,hair coloring, Source: 7 Unique Braided Hairstyles For

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Double Pastel Rainbow Braids

hair,hairstyle,clothing,hair coloring,long hair, Source: Pastel Hair Trend Has Young


Purple and Pink Fishtail Braid

hair,pink,clothing,hairstyle,fashion accessory, Source: blog.wickerparadise.com


Rainbows and Braids

color,clothing,dress,fashion accessory,art, Source: Inspiration Monday — ICE Resin


Different on Both Sides

color,hair,clothing,blue,hairstyle, Source: 32 Rainbow Hair Styles


Awesome Multi-Colored Hair

color,purple,blue,clothing,violet, Source: Awesome Multi-Colored Hair


Rainbow Dip Dyed Hair in Blues and Greens

color,hair,face,clothing,hairstyle, Source: Style Babble


Bright Rainbow Messy Braid

hair,color,clothing,red,hairstyle, Source: 57 Rainbow Fashion Finds


Pink and Blue Sherbet Punch

hair,pink,hairstyle,hair coloring,long hair, Source: Pink and Blue Sherbet Punch


Use Hair Chalk for a Rainbow Braid

hair,color,hair coloring,pink,hairstyle, Source: I liked this design on


Here is a Beautiful Example of Color

hair,clothing,hairstyle,pink,long hair, Source: Rainbown Hair


Rainbow Hair Looks so Cool when Its Braided

hair,color,blue,clothing,pink, Source: lovelyhomesrecipes.com


Amazing Pastels

clothing,wedding dress,gown,fashion,bridal clothing, Source: trendvisionlive.com


Braid around Your Head

hair,color,thread,hair coloring,hairstyle, Source: WTF Is "Sand Art Hair"


Muted Rainbow Colors

hair,hairstyle,pink,purple,long hair, Source: 32 Rainbow Hair Styles


Green, Orange and Pink Rainbow

hair,color,clothing,hair coloring,blond, Source: Best Galaxy Hair Dye Set


Half Braid

hair,clothing,pink,blond,fashion accessory, Source: 13 Rainbow Braids That Are


Multi-color Swirled Braid

hair,hairstyle,purple,hair coloring,braid, Source: 35 Mind-Bogglingly Complicated Braids That


Light Rainbow with a Flower Look

hair,pink,red,clothing,hairstyle, Source: Beauty Diaries: Dick Page and


Teal Blue, Pink and Orange Braid

hair,face,clothing,hairstyle,head, Source: Unicorn - Xander Vintage


Rainbow Braided Bun

color,blue,thread,petal,textile, Source: colorful-hair.tumblr.com
Are you loving rainbow braids as much as I am right now? Would you dye your hair just to get this look?

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@Olivia I'm just going to put this out there. If you have a college master's degree or PHD then you can find a job easily no matter what you look like. Honestly this is an expression of self and art and if you cant apperciate it then dont look at these kinds of posts. THE JOB YOU GET DEPENDS ON HOW EDUCATED YOU ARE AND EXPERIENCED.

Wtf most of these are heavily photoshopped

@olivia I have bright orange and pink hair and it used to be rainbow, and I have had tons of work. I currently work at a hospital and it's never a problem.

Reminds me of clown wigs/hair

I have seen women with hair like this and they work at the DMV, doctors office and etc.

Too dope.

@Olivia look olivia you might not get any jobs with that hair but other people can

5 and 10 are the same picture just photoshopped different colors

Now I wanna dye my hair

I actually really like the look!

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