Hairstyles for Super-Long Hair Think Rapunzel ...

By Heather

Hairstyles for Super-Long Hair Think Rapunzel ...

There are days when I wish that I had hair down to my knees, but I constantly wonder: what would I do with all of that hair? Well, for all you long, long, long-haired girls out there, let's take a look at what hairstyles are out there for you! Take some photos, share with me what you'd do with all of that long hair!

1 Braid & Wrap!

2 Dye the Tips

3 Wavy & Beautiful

4 Show It off

5 Braid the Bangs & Throw on a Hat

6 Waterfall Braids Are for You

7 So Many Curls!

8 Parted in the Middle & Wavy

9 Straight & Breathtaking

10 Dreadlocks

11 Tie a Knot

12 Extreme Part

13 Long Layers

14 Top Knot Bun

15 Old Fashioned Beehive

16 Beautiful Braids

17 Wavy & Highlighted

18 Ponytail/Braid Combo

19 Tiny Part, Straight Hair

20 Add a Flower

21 Pretty Curls

22 Deep Purple Layers

23 Slight Hippy = Beautiful Hair

24 Wispy Bangs

25 One THICK Braid

26 Blunt Bangs

27 Ponytail

Ah!! How beautiful are those? Girlfriend, give a try to some of these styles and let me know how it works out. I envy you long-haired girls!

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