25 Gorgeous Prom Hairstyles for Girls with Long Hair ...

By Lisa

You want your hair for prom to be nothing short of amazing. Since you'll have tons of things to be thinking about leading up to the big event, we wanted to help out in the hair department! Keep scrolling to see some gorgeous prom hairstyle for long hair.

Table of contents:

  1. half up
  2. curly side bun fishtail braid
  3. twisted crown
  4. curly updo
  5. bold bubbly pony
  6. loose braided hair tutorial
  7. big curls
  8. criss-crossed half up half down
  9. half up half down with big loose waves
  10. natural curls
  11. glamorous updo
  12. twisted bun
  13. rapunzel hair
  14. faux bob
  15. side swept fishtail braid
  16. one minute knotted half up
  17. side braided bun
  18. half-up boho braids
  19. elegant long hair twist
  20. braided long sideswept hair
  21. braided bun
  22. pulled back loose waves
  23. high ponytail
  24. twisted braid
  25. messy updo

1 Half up

Source: 7 Gorge Natural Hairstyles That
Simple but such a pretty look!

2 Curly Side Bun Fishtail Braid

Source: 50 Cute and Trendy Updos
This style has a little bit of everything.I like it!

3 Twisted Crown

Source: 14 DIY Hairstyles For Long
Beachy waves and a crown braid is the perfect low-key style.

4 Curly Updo

Source: Wedding Hairstyles that are Right
Super glamorous and dramatic!

5 Bold Bubbly Pony

Not your ordinary ponytail! This bubbly look is big and fun.

6 Loose Braided Hair Tutorial

Source: 14 DIY Hairstyles For Long
A romantic updo that's feminine and charming.

7 Big Curls

Source: Top 20 Down Wedding Hairstyles
If you want to wear your tresses all down, this curly look is equal parts sexy and sweet.

8 Criss-crossed Half up Half down

Source: Crisscross Wedding Hair So Cool
This look is interesting and cute but simple enough to achieve

9 Half up Half down with Big Loose Waves

Source: Pump up the Volume Wedding
Glam waves with a bouffant.

10 Natural Curls

Source: elegantweddinginvites.com
Wear your natural curls down and show off those ringlets!

11 Glamorous Updo

Source: 10 Glamorous Wedding Updos that
You can't help but admire this braided bun.

12 Twisted Bun

Source: DIY Braided Chignon
Get twisted with this intricate updo.A great way to show off a backless dress!

13 Rapunzel Hair

Source: luxyhair.com
Long hair dont' care! For the girls who want to show off their long hair, why not add some twists and braids for a fun look?

14 Faux Bob

Source: 25 Prettiest Long Hairstyles for
Want to rock short hair for prom? You won't have to commit to cutting your hair with this chic look.

15 Side Swept Fishtail Braid

Source: Holiday hair and makeup
An elegant sideswept hairdo.

16 One Minute Knotted Half up

Source: Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup
This is another quick and easy look just in case you're running low on time!

17 Side Braided Bun

Source: 50 Cute and Trendy Updos
A super cute style for your special night out.

18 Half-up Boho Braids

Source: Half-up Boho Braids ┊ Hair
Looking for a more laid-back boho look? Braids and soft waves are the answer!

19 Elegant Long Hair Twist

Source: A Showcase of Amazing Prom
A simple side braid with lots of curls.

20 Braided Long Sideswept Hair


Another sweet sideswept braided look.

21 Braided Bun

Source: 20 Fabulous Bridal Hairstyles for
A high bun wrapped in a braid is a classic.

22 Pulled Back Loose Waves

Source: 30 Hottest Wedding Hairstyles
Wear your hair down in soft waves and add a stylish hair accessory to top off the look.

23 High Ponytail

Source: Prom Hairstyles 2016
Glam up a regular ponytail by teasing it and adding some curls.

24 Twisted Braid

Source: Braided Ponytail Hair Tutorial (Kassinka)
This totally reminds me of Disney princess hair! If you want a unique prom style this, this is a pretty option!

25 Messy Updo

Source: Celebrity Updo Hairstyles to Inspire
Rihanna rocks a messy updo that's elegant but also edgy.

I hope this helped you narrow down some hairstyle options! What hairstyle are you thinking of going with?

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