Supercharged Hair Tutorials to Make Doing Braids Easier than Ever ...


Supercharged Hair Tutorials to Make Doing Braids Easier than Ever  ...
Supercharged Hair Tutorials to Make Doing Braids Easier than Ever  ...

A braid is the perfect hair style choice for just about anything. You can do a braid for the office, for a day at home or for time out and about running errands or hanging out with friends. The problem is that a braid isn’t always the easiest thing to master. Sometimes seeing someone else do it can really help, which is why you need to watch these tutorials. Each one will help you get a braid just right. Here’s to a great hair day, every day.

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For Beginners

New to braids? This is the video for you. It’s not very long, but it will make it super easy to figure out the technique for getting your braids looking the way you want them to. Once you get the method down pat, you can use it to do side braids or other styles. Watch this one a couple of times and you’ll be the braiding queen in no time.


Fishtail Braid

Ready for a fancier braid? The fishtail braid is super trendy right now and it’s a bit harder to do than a typical braid. Once you’re good at the regular type of braid, a little bit of practice will have you doing the fishtail braid in no time. The video is easy to follow so you should have no trouble with this one.


French Braid

If you can master the French braid, the world of more intricate braiding opens up to you. Learn the classic technique and it will stand you in good stead for all other techniques.


Double Dutch Braid

French braids are my favorite! They involve starting with just a small chunk of your hair and adding more to it as you go. A Dutch braid is done the same way, but your braid sections are brought under instead of over. This type of braid is great for a windy day or to keep your hair off your neck and face on a hot day. Plus it’s elegant enough to work for the office too.


Waterfall Braid

This type of braid is all over Pinterest right now. It looks really sophisticated and is great for a night out on the town, but is also casual enough for shopping at the mall or having brunch with friends. The girl in the video is great at showing you the technique so that you can copy it. You’re going to love doing a waterfall braid every day of the week.


Cornrow Tutorial

I love this look! Sadly, my hair would never cooperate. However, if you want to give it a try, this video makes it so easy. Cornrows take some time to get done, but you will be so happy that you know how to do it yourself and you’ll adore the way you look when you’re done. Get ready to turn some heads!


Milkmaid Braid for Short Hair

You might feel you miss out sometimes and that having short hair precludes you from braiding. Not so. Watch how in this video and then set to on recreating on your own short hair.


Two Minute Pony Braid

Here’s something that is great for a casual look. A super pulled back braid can look too severe, but this braid is softer and more feminine. You can wear it to school, work or for a comfy look that will stay out of your face while you do chores or play with your kids. And the best part is that it only takes a couple of minutes to get it done.


Five Strand Braid

Now for something really fun and intricate. Rather than the traditional three strands used in the average braid, this one uses five strands. Yes, it’s a bit tougher than a regular braid, but you’ll love how it looks. It’s not that hard once you get the hang of it.


Eleven Strand Braid

if five strands isn't enough, how about eleven? Enough said, I think.


2 Minute Rope Braid Hairstyle

You can still produce a fancy braid even if you only have two minutes. Yep - just two minutes. This is an excellent style if you have longer than average hair.


Frozen Elsa's Braid

We are also so inspired by pop culture heroines with braided hairstyles. One of the most famous braid wearers of recent times is Elsa. If you too want to look as stunning, just click on the video.


Warrior Braids

Fierce and fabulous. Warrior braids are ideal if you are inspired by Game of Thrones hairstyles but don't want something that is complicated and intricate.


Halo Braid

Using braids to frame your face is very flattering. It's tidy yet elegant. The halo braid is slightly boho and can be dressed up or down. It looks tricky but it's just about braiding and pinning.


Zipper Braid

They call this the zipper braid but I think it looks more like a lattice. It's beautiful and unique and I want to try it. Don't you think it is attention grabbing?


Window Braid

If you want a showcase braid, you might be attracted by this one. I love that they call it edgy, because it certainly stands out with the use of cornrow twists. More twisting than braiding, you'll look stunning after 15 minutes that it takes to create this style.


MErmaid Braid

A style to make a splash. Sorry, couldn't resist. If you're ready to release your inner mermaid, follow this video. The mermaid braid works best and looks best on the longest hair.


Skeleton Braid

You have to love the names of braids n'est-ce pas? You can totally see why this is called the skeleton braid. Luxy Hair tutorials are great because you get a very clear idea of what length hair works best for each braid.


Chinese Staircase Braid

Another braid style with a great name. This employs a simple knotting technique to dramatic effect. Dramatic but also, extremely neat and tidy. It seems put together with almost mathematical precision.


Snake Braid

Another great tutorial from Luxy. She inspires me every time and I always want to do every one until my arms ache. A snake braid is an alternative version of a regular braid that has the appearance of an, erm, snake. Try it when you want to feel slinky!


Mohawk Pull-through Braid

If you want something quite dramatic, this fits the bill. It does look rather tricky so if you're not confident maybe you can call on a friend to help. The finished result is definitely worth the effort.


Box Braids

Now things are getting really complicated. You need a great deal of patience for this style but it's classic and if you can do it, you'll be pleased you put in the effort.


Ghana Braids

Another for you lovely natural hair beauties. You'll like this video. Everything is very well explained and if you click on "see more" you'll find a list of everything you need to create fab Ghana braids.

Do you love wearing a braid? What tips can you share for getting it just right?

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