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8 Inspirational Hair Styles for Girls with Long Hair ...

By Lucy

If you have long hair, it means you have numerous amazing ways to braid it and style it, so, do not go for the boring old bun and try these styles instead! If you already have a favourite hairstyle for long hair that's not mentioned here, do tell us about it in the comments! Now, let's get to it:

1 Double Braid

Double BraidCreate two braids on either side of your face and pull them back, securing with a couple of small bobby pins.

2 Messy Cuteness

Messy CutenessPull back the front part of your hair and secure it to make a small loose pony tail.

3 Long and Sexy

Long and SexyRun a light hand through your hair until it looks mildly dishevelled.

4 Sun-kissed Locks

Sun-kissed LocksTransition your hair from dark to light or vice versa.

5 Effortless and Chic

Effortless and ChicTake the front part of your hair and make a loose braid at the back of your head.

6 Ombre, Baby

Ombre, BabyWith an ombre look, gently curl the ends of your hair so the bottom strands lightly overlap each other.

7 Front Braid

Front BraidBraid one side of your hair and flip it over your shoulder so it's at the front.

8 Relaxed Chic

Relaxed ChicCreate a loose, relaxed braid around the back of your head over the top of the rest of your hair.

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