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17 Braid Updos for Girls Who Are Sick of Wearing Regular Braids ...

By Eliza

There's something really awesome about a braid, but if you're tired of the same old French braid or side braid, it's time to try an updo that incorporates a braid. These looks are easy to master and are great for both casual and formal events that can take you from the office to a dinner party the same day. You are going to love each of these braided updos. Have fun trying them all.

1 Braided Bun

2 Faux Hawk Made from Braids


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3 Braided Twist

4 Braid Leading into a Low Bun

5 Double Braids with a Braided Bun

6 Braided down the Side

7 Braid around the Side of Your Head

8 French Braid around Your Head

9 Braided Headband

10 Braided from the Bottom up

11 Side Braid, Side Bun

12 Secure It on the Side

13 Retro Flair

14 Braided Twist

15 Double the Fun

16 Fancy Braid on the Side

17 Looking Pretty Perfect

Which one is your favorite? Where will you wear it?

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