What Does Your Hairstyle Say about You? ...


What Does Your Hairstyle Say about You? ...
What Does Your Hairstyle Say about You? ...

Hairstyles are a fun and exciting way of learning more about both ourselves and other people, so why not see what your hairstyle has to say about you below? Which is your favourite?

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High Bun

High Bun You're a very neat and organised person who believes in giving it everything you have when completing tasks and jobs! You're incredibly hard-working and for this reason you know you how to work efficiently and to a dead-line with having much to show! Your work ethic definitely doesn't go unnoticed by others.


Pony Tail

Pony Tail You're very sports-orientated and love to be outdoors in the fresh air. You can have quite a competitive streak but that's only because you're very determined to win and give it the best that you have! You love to do anything that will improve your fitness levels and keep you healthy and fit.


Double Braids

Double Braids No matter what your age is, you're young at heart and others will often describe you as playful and fun! Your positive personality is what others are attracted to and notice first when they meet you. You're child-like in the way that you love to have fun and have a great time.



Tousled You're a carefree person who doesn't care what anyone else thinks of them and your approach is a very 'what you see is what you get' type of style. You love to do what makes you happy and often prioritise this, knowing that everything else can wait while you let your hair down!


Half up

Half up Others might describe you as having an outgoing personality because are great at making others laugh and smile. You're the life of any party which often makes you the centre of attention, which you absolutely love! You don't like to stay in one place for a long time and like to keep moving to discover new and exciting places and people.


Single Braid

Single Braid You listen to others and offer advice where you're able to due to your love of helping and supporting those around you. You're incredibly passionate about everything you believe in and often want to share this will others so that they can benefit from it as well. You never give up and aim to keep pushing through until the very end!


Top Knot

Top Knot You're a very creative person who values originality both in yourself and in others. You're one of the first to try out new styles and trends as trying something new excites you and gives you passion! You like to stand out from the crowd every now and again and embrace any differences you may have with others.


Low Bun

Low Bun You love to try out new styles which incorporate a certain level of femininity and glamour. You have a gentle, kind nature and are often the friend who reminds others of why they are special and unique. You may not like confrontation but you believe in a calm approach, as you know this will resolve problems much quicker than a bad temper would!

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I have a bob so I don't change style xD

Same that's me ^

single braid

Wow that was pretty cool. I'm a combo of all down and half up😄

What if u are a mix of them all👻 and everyday is a new day of trying out new hirstyles😂😂😂🙈✌🏻️

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