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A ponytail is one of my go to hairstyles because it’s easy and keeps my hair out of my face when I’m busy and running around. If you’re like me, you might be tired of the same old flat ponytail that you do every day. By giving yours some volume, you can create a sexy new look that is comfortable and casual enough for the office, but can still be fancy enough for a night out. Here are some tips I think you’re going to love.

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Start by Blow Drying Your Hair Straight

The best way to ensure lots of volume on your ponytail is to start with sleek, straight hair. As you blow dry the top of your head, tease it up a bit so that you have instant volume without any product. That way, when you tie up the ponytail, that oomph will translate into a bumped up ponytail that will strike envy into the hearts of girls everywhere.


Try a Bump Device in Your Hair

I have really thin hair so a nice voluminous ponytail is a pipe dream for me. If you’re in the same boat, you might want to try a bump device. This product is worn snug against the crown of your head and your hair covers it up and you pull it back into a ponytail. They device gives you the volume you want, even if your hair isn’t thick. Choose one that’s as close to your hair color as possible so it’s not noticeable.


Flip up the Ends of Your Ponytail

Once your ponytail is in place, a nice bit of curl can make it look thicker and more dramatic. Use your curling iron or a couple of hot rollers and create a flip at the end of your ponytail. Don’t get too crazy or you’ll look like a high school cheerleader (nothing wrong with that if you are one – I was too!), but just a subtle bit of curl is grown-up and sophisticated.


Use Volume Building Products

If you’re still having trouble getting the ponytail you want so badly, add some volumizing products to your routine. These items will help plump up your strands, giving them emphasis and drama that will make your ponytail perfect. You can find all sorts of styling products that add volume and there’s no better time to try them than right now.


Treat Damaged Hair Regularly

Nothing can ruin the style you’re going for faster than damaged hair. If you always want the best looking ponytail in town, you have to treat it for damage. That means using a hair mask that repairs split ends and hydrates your strands. It also means treating your hair gently to prevent future damage.

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Stack Two Ponytails

If a single ponytail leaves something to be desired, try stacking them. Start by putting the bottom half of your hair into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Then gather the top half into another ponytail higher up on your head. When the top ponytail hangs down, it will cover the lower one, giving the illusion of one big, full, thick ponytail. Pretty cool, right?


Try a Ponytail Variation

There’s no rule that says your ponytail has to be the traditional one you’ve been wearing since childhood. Try an inverted ponytail, a side ponytail or a twisted ponytail. You might also add some accessories like a cute bobby pin or small flower to give your look personality.

How often do you wear a ponytail? How do you make it look the best?

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