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Grey Hair Inspo for Girls Who Want to Try Something Different ...

By Eliza

Normally women want to cover up grey hair, but it's gaining in popularity as a hue that girls want to have. I haven't been brave enough to give it a go myself, but I do love the way it looks on other girls. If you want something new, use these awesome pics of grey-haired girls to inspire you to make the change you've been craving.

1 Sort of Retro

2 Long and Flowing

3 Grey Ombre Curls

4 Lovely Long Grey Hair

5 Soft Natural Color

6 With Perfect Makeup

7 Grey Lob

8 Perfect for a Ponytail

9 Pulled Back

10 Wear It with a Hat

11 Wear It down

12 Bling It up

13 With Dramatic Makeup

14 Keeping It Simple

15 Look like Royalty

16 Wear It in a Braid

17 Long and Straight

18 Totally Goth

19 Pulled up with Bangs



20 Casual Wear

21 All Grey

Do you love this look? Are you going to to give it a try?

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