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Bright Hair Inspo for Girls Who Want to Stand out in a Crowd ...

By Eliza

Brightly colored hair is having its moment right now and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Whatever color you choose, bright hair can be really fun when it's done the right way. Are you considering taking the plunge and having your hair color taken to the next level? Here are some great photos that will inspire you. Good luck!

1 How about a Rainbow?

2 Shades of Purple


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3 Just a Touch of Color

4 Gotta Love Green

5 Color at the Ends

6 Lovely Short Hair

7 Lots of Color

8 Pretty in Pink

9 Perfect Pink with Orange Lips

10 Try Purple and Pink

11 Bright Purple is Fun

12 Try Green Ombre

13 Purple and Wavy

14 Pink is Pretty Popular

15 Rock and Roll in Red

16 Color in Strings

17 Shades of Pink

18 Coral and Red

19 How about Orange Curls?

20 Barbie Pink is Perfect

21 A Subtle Dash of Purple

What color do you want for your hair? Which of these pictures is most inspiring to you?

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