10 Hair Tutorials for Gorgeous and Quick Styles All Lazy Girls Will Love ...


10 Hair Tutorials for Gorgeous and Quick  Styles All Lazy Girls Will Love ...
10 Hair Tutorials for Gorgeous and Quick  Styles All Lazy Girls Will Love ...

You don't have to spend hours in front of the mirror in order to look fabulous. You can throw your hair up in a hurry and look just as good. You just have to know the right hairstyles to choose. If you're running low on ideas, here are a few styles that are perfect for low maintenance ladies:

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Hairstyles for Lazy Girls

This video will show you some styles that are perfect for straight and textured hair. That means that anyone can pull them off when they're running late on time or just aren't in the mood to put effort into their appearance. Some of the styles only take twenty seconds, so you have no excuse for leaving your hair down today.


Easy Everday Styles

This video gives you three more options for how to wear your hair when you're not in the mood to waste time. The first one involves taking sections of hair from the side of your head and tying them together. The second involves putting your hair in a fancy ponytail. The third involves a cute side braid.


High Ponytail

If you want to put your hair in a ponytail and be done with it, then you should follow the advice in this tutorial. After all, there are plenty of different ponytails you can try. If you're not in the mood for a low one or a messy one, then you can create a sleek, high one that'll look like you've spent a while on your hair, even though it only took you two seconds to put it up.


Pony Braid Hairstyle

This is a super fancy ponytail, but it only takes two minutes to create, which is why it's perfect for wearing on a lazy day. When you're finished, you're going to end up looking like you've just stepped out of a hair salon, even though you created the look with your own two hands.


10 Fast Hairstyles

If the hairstyles you've seen aren't sufficient, then you can try one of these ten fast hairstyles. They're perfect for wearing to school or to work. You could even wear them to a party if you pair them with the right outfit. Really, they work for any and all occasions, which is why you should learn how to create them.


Hairstyles for Short Hair

You don't need to have extra long hair in order to have style options. This video will give you five ways to wear your hair if you're a low-maintenance lady. You can either put your hair in a sock bun, a low bun, tuck it in, push the sides back with clips, or create a simple ponytail.


One Minute Ponytails

If the high ponytail from up above isn't enough, then you can try doing one of these ponytails. The first one involves giving your hair volume with a claw clip. The second involves twisting different sections of your hair, so it looks fancy in the back. And the third one involves twisting your hair and wearing it on the side.


Quick Boho Styles

If you want to rock the cute boho look but don't have a lot of time, this video is for you! Quick and effortless, saving you time, you're going to love these hairstyles. The first involves a half up half down hairdo that's adorable. The second is a braided crown pulled into a low messy bun. The third is a messy down haired look with a big braid on the side-talk about simple! The fourth and final style she shows is a loose low bun that's perfect for throwing your hair up and running out the door.


Lazy Hair Hacks

This quick 5 minute video is every lazy girls dream! She teaches tons of simple hair hacks you could do pretty much in your sleep, which is sure to save you minutes on the clock in the morning. From a quick bang fix, to easy curls without the hassle, she's all about looking great and saving you from the agony of hours on your hair.


5 Minute Styles

I can't get enough of this video! She shows 3 hairstyles that can be done in under 5 minutes a piece! Talk about a total time saver. Added bonus: the 3 styles are absolutely adorable so you won't have to worry about hiding your face because your hair looks horrible.

Now you can put your hair up in a hurry and still look stylish. What's your favorite hairstyle to wear when you don't feel like spending an hour in front of the mirror?

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