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8 Gorgeous Buns to Try ...

By Lucy

Which are your favourites?

1 Looped Bun

Looped Bun Loop your pony tail into a low bun for a tidy, simple look.

2 Wrapped Bun

Wrapped Bun Twist and clip your hair and wrap the underside around for a subtle, sophisticated look.

3 Crown Braid Bun

Crown Braid Bun Braid your hair along the crown and make a neat bun at the back for a feminine look.

4 High Bun

High Bun Use a hair doughnut to secure your hair near the top of your head for a classic look.

5 Side Bun

Side Bun Braid your hair on either sides and bring it together in a side bun for an elegant look.

6 Low Braid Bun

Low Braid Bun Braid one side of your hair and secure it, making a small bun to sit directly underneath for an original look.

7 Loose Bun

Loose Bun Create a high bun near the top of your head with a relaxed hand to loosen to base of your hair for an effortless look.

8 Messy Bun

Messy Bun Create a braid from the front of your hair and pull it backwards into a high bun, with a few tendrils framing your hair for an stylish look.

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