7 Classy but Easy to do Hairstyles for Super Long Hair ...


7 Classy but Easy to do Hairstyles for Super Long Hair ...
7 Classy but Easy to do Hairstyles for Super Long Hair ...

Hairstyles for super long hair I’m going to show you today are super-easy to do, super elegant and look like you’ve spent hours at the salon! And if you think that’s just unbelievable and that there isn’t such thing as easy, fast yet elaborate-looking hairstyle for long hair – you’re in for a big surprise! So, are you ready? Well, check out these videos and find your favorite long hair updo, as well as instructions on how to make it, below:

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Hair Bow

This is one of the best hairstyles for super long hair because it, as you can see, doesn’t look exactly perfect if you have a lot of layers or short bits. It’s super cute, super classy and looks quite complicated although it really isn’t so I’d definitely recommend it for parties and other special events such as proms. Make sure you sit through the whole video because the how-to for long hair is actually much easier to do than the half up-do demonstrated in the beginning.


Huge, Amazing Mermaid Braid

Oh my gosh! Now isn’t this the most amazing hairstyle for long hair you’ve seen recently? I seriously couldn’t believe you can make this out of two regular braids! Definitely give it a shot! It’s super interesting, it’s a great way to really show off your gorgeous length and it’s a completely appropriate hairstyle you can wear even for work.


Braided Bun Long Hairstyle Tutorial

Speaking about incredibly easy hairstyles for super long hair – here’s one classic style you can wear anywhere from work to a wedding! Creating this up-do won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time, your hair doesn’t have to be absolutely clean plus you can always accessorize it with a couple of pearly pins for a perfect, glamorous look!


Classy Chignon for Long Hair

Here’s another great, glamorous up-do that looks best on very long hair! I love it because it looks kind of complicated, allowing you to look like you’re spending hours at the salon when, in fact, you really aren’t! Definitely give it a shot – it’s a nice work place appropriate hairstyle as well as a really cool way to keep your hair out of the way and look great for a special occasion!


Two Minute Work Updo

Need another work-appropriate long hair hairstyle tutorial? Well, I’m sure this is the one you’re looking for! It’s simple, it’s fast, it’s very elegant – what else could a busy, working girl wish for! I love it and I’m definitely going to give it a shot although my hair is not super long and I hope you’ll do so as well and let me know how it turned out.


Loose Retro up-do

I absolutely love this girl and, today, I’ve decided to show you yet another of her amazing tutorials! This up-do looks incredibly classy and it’s perfect for all of you with long but layered hair. Go ahead, give it a shot and remember – the longer your hair is, the more voluptuous your bun will be!


Everyday Messy Bun

I know many of you ladies have been wondering how to make the messy bun so I’ve found this video that should help you get it absolutely perfectly. Now, as you know, messy bun is one of the best casual hairstyles for super long hair but the good news is that you can accessorize it and create your own glammy version of if which you can wear in many other (not necessarily casual) occasions.

Do you like this hairstyles for super long hair? I think you do! Do give them a go and let me know which long hairstyle tutorial did you love the most!

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