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9 Reasons You Should Rethink Cutting Layers into Your Hair ...

By Crystal

Everyone told me how wonderful layers were, but I quickly found out why you shouldn't get layers in your hair. Layered hair looks great on some people, but I discovered they weren't for me. In fact, many women come to the same conclusion. It's a hard lesson to learn, but if you understand why you shouldn't get layers, you might not have to make the same mistake I did.

1 Too Full or Flat

hair, human hair color, face, black hair, clothing,Layers are designed to help thin out excess thickness or help boost volume, depending on the fullness and thickness of your hair. I wanted the extra volume. My first clue as to why you shouldn't get layers was how quickly my hair fell flat after I got my cut. The stylist did a wonderful job and it looked perfect when I left the salon. After the first wash, I never quite got the same fullness. I've discovered that some women have the opposite problem and get an unwelcome poof of volume.

2 Extra Maintenance

hair, face, eyebrow, person, black hair,No one really wants a hairstyle that's difficult to maintain. I had to spend three times as long each day to get my layers to look decent. Keep in mind, this was just “decent,” not great. You have to work hard to get each layer to curl and lay just right to get the desired effect. Previously, I rarely used curling irons and flat ironsbut they quickly became my best friends in the layer battle.

3 Difficult to Grow out

hair, human hair color, blond, face, hairstyle,While it would be great if every strand of hair grew at the same pace, it doesn't. I learned this the hard way. Within a week, I just wanted to the layers to grow out. Each layered section grew at a different speed with most sections ending up with varying lengths of hair. Plus, you can't just let it grow. To make it manageable, you have to trim each layer regularlyto avoid looking like a small child got happy with the scissors.

4 Limited Hairstyles

hair, hairstyle, long hair, brown hair, hair coloring,I have long hair, so I'm used to pulling it back in a ponytail, braid or bun. Layers drastically limited my choices. The shorter layers stick out of every up-do. I had never used so much product and so many bobby pins in my life. If you have shorter hair, ponytails became a thing of the past. If you're active like me, layers quickly become the enemy. No matter what you try, hair will slip out and get in your face.

5 Not Right for Every Hair Type

face, hair, blue, person, woman,I loved how layers looked on some of my friends and of course, celebrities. Layers aren't for everyone. Great layered hair depends on a variety of things, such as hair length, strand thickness and face shape. For me, my extremely fine thin locksdidn't take well to the varying lengths. Plus, my naturally straight hair refused to let the layers curl slightly on the ends, so I had absolutely zero shape. Hence, the flat look I ended up with.

6 Spend More Time at the Salon

hair, human hair color, blond, face, hairstyle,If your hair is one length, you might be able to trim it at home or go longer between trims. Layers require regular salon visits. Trust me when I say you should never try to trim your own layers. I've seen people try and it's not pretty. In order to keep layers at the right lengths, you have to visit the salon oftenwhich is extremely time-consuming if you're used to going every few months or so for a quick 10 minute trim.

7 Translation Issues with Stylists

hair, face, facial expression, nose, hairstyle,The single most important thing when getting layers is getting the right stylist. Even if your hair is a perfect candidate, there are numerous types of layers. Add this to the fact that every woman needs different lengths and number of layers I was lucky that my stylistgot it right, even though my hair didn't cooperate. Many women aren't so lucky. Talk to your stylist and ensure they know exactly what you want to avoid a mess later.

8 No Going Back

hair, face, eyebrow, blond, nose,Any time you cut your hair, it's obviously something that can't be undone. I spent months hating my hair. It was almost two years before all the layers finally reached the same length. If you're not certain that layers are right for you, don't do it. Consider wearing a layered wigwith a similar hair type to yours to see how it looks and whether you're ready for the extra maintenance.

9 Strains the Budget

beauty, eye, product, organ, cosmetics,I wasn't used to having a shelf full of hair productsor a drawer of styling tools and running to the salon to keep my layers manageable. I wanted something cute and fairly easy to style. It got impossible to work with and expensive to maintain. I literally spent four times more just to style and manage my layers as they grew out. If you're used to heavy styling, it may not be such a shock, but if you're used to a quick pony with zero product, be prepared to drastically change your routine.

I regretted layers almost from day one. While some people love them, I don't recommend getting them just because they look great on someone else. Take the time to find out if you really want the extra upkeep because once you get them, you're stuck for a while. Do you have any hairstyles you regret or wish you could warn others against?

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