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Let me share with you a few of my favorite tricks to keep your hair from drying out if you’re out in the sun this spring and summer. Taking care of your hair is so important to do, especially if you’re out in the hottest hours of the day. Your hair can take quite the hit, drying it out in no time if you’re not careful. Be sure to implement some of my favorite tricks to keep your hair from drying out, so you can enjoy gardening without your hair being damaged in the meantime.

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Wear a Hat

A hat is one of the simplest tricks to keep your hair from drying out. I would suggest using a larger hat, like a big sun hat for the best effects. If you have long hair, consider braiding it, or pinning it under first. You can use a head wrap or cloth if you like as well.


Moisturize First

Before you head out, wash your hair, condition it, and don’t dry it. Letting the conditioner sit on your hair can help it stay moisturized. Or, if you’d rather it be dry, you can apply leave in conditioner as well. I like Aveeno’s Leave-in Conditioner Spray, or I just apply regular conditioner and pin it up.


Pin It up

Speaking of pinning it up, if you don’t want to wear a hat, pin your hair up on top of your head in a bun. Consider spraying it with leave-in-conditioner, and leaving it alone. Though it won’t be completely protected, it at least keeps the ends from taking the most impact from the sun’s rays. The ends of our hair are much more easily damaged than the top, so this is a neat trick to keep those split ends at bay. Use bobby pins as much as possible, since they don’t tear hair like rubber bands do.


Apply Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a miracle product for your hair, ladies. Applying it as your conditioner or as a mask before you head out can do wonders for your hair. You can also use it when you come in from the sun as an after treatment oil before washing and conditioning.


Don’t Apply Certain Products

Don’t apply gels or hair sprays to your hair before you head outdoors. If they have alcohol in them, they will cause your hair to burn more quickly, and possibly damage your hair. They could even cause discoloration too.


SPF Shampoo

You can also buy shampoos with SPF in them if you want extra coverage. These are available in a variety of brands, and it’s best to wash your hair the morning of going outside for the best effects. If you can find a conditioner with SPF, definitely go ahead and use that as well.


Treat It Afterwards

After you come in from the sun, don’t just shower and go. Be sure you apply a mask to your hair, preferably one made from high quality oils. Or, you can apply oil directly to your hair. Apply these before conditioning for the best effects. You can also use cocoa butter lotion, which is extremely inexpensive and available at dollar stores, drugstores, and supermarkets everywhere.

If you spend a good bit of time outdoors, you know protecting your hair isn’t a breeze, but it also isn’t impossible. Be sure you try a few of these tricks, and let me know if you have any before summer gets here. What’s your best tip for protecting your hair from sun damage and dryness?

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