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There are many reasons why you shouldn’t wash your hair every day. I’m an advocate for skipping the shampoo and conditioner as many days as you possibly can. There are many factors that can go into how many days you can skip, such as hair type, thickness, and whether or not it is processed in some form or another. If you have ever been curious about what it might be like for your tresses if you skipped a wash or two, check out these reasons why you shouldn’t wash your hair every day.

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Your Hair's Natural Oils

Your Hair's Natural Oils One of the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t wash your hair every day is because of the natural oils on your hair and scalp. While many try so hard to get rid of these oils, the truth is, they are wonderful for your hair. Your natural oils will make your hair healthier and shinier than most products. The thicker your hair is, the more time it takes for these oils to work their way down the strands of your hair, meaning you can go longer between washes. Even those with thin hair should be able to go at least every other day without lathering up!


Hair Styling

Hair Styling Hair tends to style better the day you don’t wash your hair. Curls stay in place better, it’s easier to brush your hair back into a ponytail or bun, and flyaways are more easily tamed. This is why many stylist’s recommend coming into the salon with “dirty” hair before getting an up-do or any type of special service. If you have trouble getting your curls to stick, next time try it on 2nd day hair. You just might be surprised!


Fresher Color

Fresher Color If you have color treated hair, you are doing yourself a disservice if you wash your tresses daily. The less often you can wash your locks, the better your color will look. Shampoos can strip the color from your hair or simply cause it to fade. Since coloring your hair isn’t exactly cheap, it’s best to keep up with your investment by skipping shampoo as often as you can.


Hair Appearance

Hair Appearance Not only will your hair style better, your hair will also look better. Everything seems to stay in place better on Day 2. You won’t be as bothered with frizz or dry looking tresses after skipping the shampoo. If your hair does looks a little greasy at the roots, simply spray on some dry shampoo or baby powder. I know it may sound crazy, but you'll be amazed how much better your hair looks the day after you skip a wash.


Less Product Build up

Less Product Build up Many people believe they have to wash their hair on a daily basis due to oil build up. However, the opposite just might be true. Often, the greasy look we get in our hair isn’t because of our own natural oils, but because of product build up from washing and styling. Although your hair may go through an adjustment period when you first start skipping the washes, you’ll begin to notice your hair looking less oily between shampoos.


Less Heat on Your Tresses

Less Heat on Your Tresses By now, it’s no secret that heat is bad for your hair. Using hair dryers and styling products can cause your hair to break and leave your locks looking lifeless. If you skip the washes, that also means you can skip blow drying your hair. Normally when day 2 rolls around, your hair will already be mostly fixed from the day before so you won’t have to use your flat iron, curling iron, or wave iron nearly as much. Using less heat not only saves you time, it also saves the life of your hair.


More Money in the Bank

More Money in the Bank When you are using less shampoo, conditioner, styling products, and hair appliances, you are doing your wallet a favor. You may be able to go longer between hair appointments as well, if your hair is healthier and your color isn’t fading as quickly. The less money you spend on products, the more money you’ll have to do things you enjoy!

Keep in mind, not every single one of these reasons will hold true for every person out there. Since everyone has a different hair type, you may not benefit from every point on this list. Not to mention, our hair changes throughout our lives depending on our environment, hormones, stress level, and other factors. It is all about experimenting with what works best for you! To those of you that do wash your hair on a daily basis, I hope I have inspired you to skip your morning shampoo tomorrow to see if you notice any results. To those who do avoid washing their hair every day, I want to know if you have any tips, opinions, or advice. If so, give us your thoughts in the comments.

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Hi! When you say to skip Washing as most as possible how many days do you mean? How many have you actually skipped and your hair is still looking great? And also, in those days without regular washing, do you use dry shampoo?

What if you are swimming for PE and you have to wash your hair everyday because of the chlorine? I can't wear headcaps (which sucks) and I have thick curly hair!

Wash once for 2 or 3 days. Depend on your natural oil that your hair produces.

I way my hair every 5-6 months but i take care of it not wash

Mine is sooooooo oily if you don't wash it everyday duh, I'm a hyper and active so....

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